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  • $90 lipstick?Worth it or not

    $90 lipstick?Worth it or not?💄

    Since Christian Louboutin has expanded their product line to the make-up field, their price keeps at the top. It is three times more expensive than other lipsticks. CL has produced three classic red colors, 001, 001m and 001s. I bought […] More

  • My brow pomade collection 💜 + Reviews

    I was going to wait until tomorrow to make this post but I couldn’t wait. As you can probably tell I went through my brow collection with making content today. Brow pomades are something I used to use pretty regularly […] More

  • Are tinted lip balms the new lipsticks?

    I can’t be the only one who has noticed the number of tinted lip balms prestige brands have been coming out with lately. Which I 100% understand! As much as I miss lipstick it’s just not practical right now. The […] More

  • My power lip colour

    My power lip colour! | 🌹💪�?�💋

    I’ve seen a few of you beauties (shout out @madihomewoodand @Mallory♥) posting about your power lip colours, and here I am to share mine! These are colours that make you feel powerful, beautiful, and like your best self, ready to […] More

  • My brow powder collection + Reviews

    My brow powder collection + Reviews

    You ever realize how many of the same products you’ve accumulated over the years just by different brands? I wanted to start a new series going through my make-up collection and giving reviews based on products in the same category. […] More

  • How To Wear Your False Lashes Perfectly

    How To Wear Your False Lashes Perfectly

    Here are some tips for you to apply false lashes perfectly. We absolutely adore the look of fake lashes, but applying them? Well, Not so much. So, hell-bent on figuring out how to put on fake eyelashes the correct way, we got expert […] More

  • 10 Best Zinc Oxide BB & CC Creams

    10 Best Zinc Oxide BB & CC Creams

    The best of the best, as chosen by Cherie users. Find your next favorite, here! Dr. Jart+Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 $52.00 4.1(2.8K Ratings) Anti-Dullness Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Irritation Anti-Pollution Dark Spot Correcting Hydrating Redness Relief Skin Recovery Highlights: […] More

  • 10-Free Nail Polishes

    10-Free Nail Polishes

    Seeing “10-free” nail polishes everywhere too? Here’s what they are and why you need some in your life ASAP. Another day, another healthy trend to hop on in the beauty world! This time around, we’re talking 10-free nail polishes! As […] More

  • How-to-Master-the-Soft-Girl-Makeup-Aesthetic

    How to Master the Soft Girl Makeup Aesthetic

    It seems like every week there’s a new Instagram makeup trend from the infamous baddie makeup to the newfound e-girl aesthetic. Social media has always been influential on the latest beauty trends and the soft girl aesthetic has officially taken […] More

  • Vogue / Bobbi Brown Make-up Tutorial

    Hi everyone! how ya’ doin? Hope everyone is doing good 🙂 So upon browsing about make-up stuff on youtube, I found these fabulous Bobbi Brown Make-up tutorial posted by thevoguerussia, albeit a little bit older. And I fell in love […] More

  • Review: GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown

    Today, I’ll be posting the review of my number one favorite circle lens, GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown. GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown ~ worn. Photo taken under natural window lighting Design/Pattern: 4/5 Very subtle and almost invisible […] More

  • Review-GEO-Flower-Series-Lotus-Gray

    Review: GEO Flower Series Lotus Gray

    Hee… Gorgeous, I’m back <3 with an overdue review!! Product Name: GEO FLOWER SERIES ~ Lotus Gray/Grey POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only LENS USAGE: UP TO 1 YEAR SHELF LIFE: 3 YEARS MANUFACTURER / ORIGIN: SOUTH KOREA B.C.: 8.6mm DIAMETER: 15.00mm […] More

  • Korean actress makup tutorial

    Korean Actress Make-up Tutorial

    Hello gorgeous, I’m back with another make-up tutorial ~ The theme is INNOCENT and NATURAL LOOK. Inspired by the shimmering eye make-up of pretty Korean actress Kang Min Kyung ^-^ it’s all about SPARKLE and SHIMMER on your eyelids~ Products […] More

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