Five Fun Makeup Looks To Try This Holiday Season

Because there’s no better time to be covered in glitter than the holidays.

Creating gorgeous makeup looks is one of our favorite holiday activities because when you think about it, it’s one of the only times we get to go all out with our makeup, weekend after weekend! All the glitter eyeshadows in our makeup bag that sit idle in the summertime thrive in the winter. So, we tried some of the trendiest, look-at-me makeup looks we’ve always wanted to do but never got a chance to—and we hope you give them a shot, too! We promise you’ll feel like the star of the show at your next holiday party!

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  1. Glossy Lids & Lilac Eyeshadow

    Glossy lids and lilac eyeshadow are looks already bold on their own, but pair them together, and they make the perfect statement eye. Start by taking a shimmering lilac eyeshadow and apply it from the lash line to just a bit above your crease. Take your favorite clear lipgloss and lightly pat it on top of the shadow, being careful not to smudge the color! Then, top it off by layering white and black eyeliner at your lash line.Glossy Lids & Lilac Eyeshadow

    2) Abstract & Colored Eyeliner

    The trend that took over Instagram, abstract and colored eyeliner is one of our favorite ways to add a little extra “oomph” to your look. While we like to play it safe at any other time of the year with more muted eyeliner colors, we think the holiday season is a time to make a statement. Reach for bright neons, like the orange used below, and don’t be afraid to put eyeliner in places it usually wouldn’t belong! In this look, we start with a simple smokey shadow, using a light brown on the lid and a darker brown in the crease. Then, we took a bright neon eyeliner and swiped it along the crease.Abstract & Colored Eyeliner

    3) Glitter Eyebrows & Eyeliner

    How can something be bold and understated at the same time? We love this look because it does just that! From afar, the glitter adds a hint of sparkle, but once someone is close enough to speak with you, they’ll see how bright you shine 😉. Start this eye look how you would any other; fill in your brows, wing your liner, and amplify your lashes, then, get your glitter on! For your brows, coat them with clear brow gel—this will help the glitter stick. Next, take a flat shadow brush and dip it into your loose glitter of choice (here we went with gold and pink,) then lightly pat it into your brows. Easy! To add glitter to your lash line, mix the loose glitter with some clear brow gel and use an angled eyeliner brush to swipe it across your lash line.Glitter Eyebrows & Eyeliner

    4) Rhinestones & Bold Lips

    If you’re like the rest of the beauty world, you absolutely loved the makeup looks on Euphoria. The playful energy and use of embellishments brought fun and possibility back into makeup. Though we love a natural look, we also live for the moments we can go full out and bring some bling into the scene. For this look, find a bold shadow and lipstick that are close matches—a monochromatic feel is what you’re going after. Blend your bold shadow across the crease and underneath the lash line, then add a golden highlight to your lids and inner eye. Take small rhinestones and adhere them across your lids using clear lash glue. Top the look off with wispy falsies and a lip to match, and you’re good to go!Rhinestones & Bold Lips

    5) Gilded In Gold

    Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife will always have a special place in our makeup bag. It’s the perfect gold that you can use on the eyes, lips, and face—which is exactly what we did here. Be gilded in gold with this makeup look fit for a queen. Start with brushing Trophy Wife (or any gold shadow for that matter) across your lids. Add some drama by blending a dark brown shadow at the crease of your eyes. Next, take the same gold shadow and sweep it across your cheekbones then lightly pat it on your lips as well. Gilded In Gold

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