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Glowing Gorgeous is a user driven community, serving as a portal for Beauty information and honest reviews on beauty products

This is a platform where everyone feels comfortable to share what they personally know or experience about beauty, their beauty routines, or ask any questions they have related to these areas.

We are ready to transform all of our users into more gorgeous individuals. Our goal is to be the world’s largest beauty community where everyone can feel really good about themselves, live healthier lives and get the most out of their skincare ritual.

Jen Roberts Glowing Gorgeous

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Jen Roberts

Founder & Chief Editor

Jen Roberts, aka Glow, founded Glowing Gorgeous. She’s a finance professional with 15+ years of experience and a beauty and wellness lover. She’s also a makeup nerd and skincare fanatic. A busy life means she’s always on-the-go and needs good information about how to keep our face and body gorgeous at all times.

She has tested no less than several hundred products and has lots she wants to share with everyone. So she grabbed a couple friends and started Glowing Gorgeous back in 2020.

She takes this so seriously that she’s getting trained and taking courses to become a licensed esthetician. She commits to running a fiercely-independent website to everything beauty and wellness.


Co-Founder & Editor

Angie’s true passion lies in the world of beauty. Despite her love for the sandy beaches, she spends most of her days indulging in the vibrant world of cosmetics and skincare. As the co-founder of Glowing Gorgeous, her expertise and enthusiasm for all things beauty has made a huge contribution to the community.

With her two grown children by her side, Angie cherishes the moments spent bonding and sharing laughter. Despite her bustling schedule, she always finds time to unwind and connect with her loved ones, knowing that their support has played a pivotal role in her success.

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Editor and Media

Alisha, a dedicated mother of two, thrives as the editor and media person for our site. With an innate eye for detail, she effortlessly curates captivating content that resonates with our audience. Juggling her editorial responsibilities and motherhood, Alisha excels at finding the perfect balance.

Whether it’s crafting engaging articles, overseeing social media campaigns, or collaborating with contributors, she brings a touch of professionalism and creativity to every aspect of her role. Alisha’s love for her children fuels her drive to create a platform that inspires and informs. Her multitasking abilities and unwavering passion make her an invaluable asset.

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