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  • The time has come... REVIEW MY ROUTINE!

    The time has come… REVIEW MY ROUTINE!

    Hey gorgeous fam! I finally decided it was time to post my daily/weekly routine!! I’ve curated this routine over a looooong period of time, and I think I’ve almost got it right! so here it is: TWICE DAILY: I like […] More

  • Gentle Am routine

    Gentle Am routine

    Alright, so this is my routine in the morning. Didn’t change it for winter weather yet and I don’t know if I will honestly. My morning routine contains a few actives but mostly trying to take care of my dehydrated […] More

  • Dat skin care doe

    Dat skin care doe!

    Last year (around late August) I was leaving for my first international trip! When I was to be there I was to start my period. Hormonal acne and dark circles have been a constant in my life. I was ready […] More