6 Can’t-Miss Signs Of Combination Skin And Simple Solutions

It’s difficult enough to find suitable products when you have one skin issue, such as acne or sensitivity. If you have combination skin, coming up with the right routine can seem impossible.

One cleanser might reduce unwanted shine, but provoke flakier, dryer patches. A hydrating moisturizer will soothe your dryness but likely worsen your oiliness.

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We discuss six classic traits of a combination complexion and guide you on how to treat and manage it, including suggested products.

How to Treat Combination Skin

If most of the descriptions above resonate with you, you probably have combination skin. We outline simple practices to treat oiliness and dryness and sustain a balance:

  1. Wash Your Face

    A cleanser is vital to eliminate oil and debris that can encourage zits and pimples. Remember to opt for gentle formulas that won’t irritate dry skin.

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    For a thorough cleansing, try a brush like the pmd Clean, a smart facial cleansing device using over 7,000 vibrations per minute.

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  2. Keep Moisturizing

    Don’t give up on moisturizing-your dry skin will thank you for it. Choose ingredients that reduce oil production, like green tea extracts. Hydration should be supplied by lightweight substances rather than heavy, pore-clogging ones.

    This Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer by Boscia works for all skin types and contains marine complex to nurture red, sensitive skin.

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    A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer hydrates skin while controlling oil to keep shine at bay.

  3. Shrink Your Pores

    With persistence and the right compounds, you can diminish the appearance of visible, outsized pores.

    Aside from the aesthetic benefits, smaller pores will hold less sebum-allowing you to better manage your oily combination skin.

    The Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Toner by Caudalie is antibacterial and purifying to penetrate blocked-up pores.

    Caudalie Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Toner, 6.7 Ounce Caudalie Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Toner, 6.7 Ounce @ Amazon Amazon Prime

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    A pore-diminishing toner powered by 100% natural salicylic acid to control oil and diminish the appearance of future blackheads and breakouts.

  4. Double-Mask It

    Use different masks that work for dryness or oiliness simultaneously to spot-treat your combination skin. You can apply this Deep Cleansing Mask by Omorovicza to your shiny spots, and this RoseFace Mask by FRESH to the dry areas.

    Purify your complexion and reveal a natural radiance with the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask (50ml). It utilises the world-renowned healing waters of Hungary, combined with unique mineral muds from Lake Hévíz, to even out your skin tone and add a matte finish. Your skin will feel uplifted after just one treatment with this Pannon Complex-enriched formula. To use, wash your face and neck thoroughly with your usual cleanser, then smooth on a 50p-sized amount of Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, avoiding the delicate eye area. When it has dried, either peel or rinse off completely with clean, warm water.

    Fresh Rose Face Mask 3.3 oz Fresh Rose Face Mask 3.3 oz @ Amazon Amazon Prime

    A rejuvenating mask with hydrating and toning action. Rose petals caress and restore skin. 50% pure rose floral water soothes skin and senses. Anti-inflammatory cucumber and cool, refreshing aloe vera gel. Delivers moisture for optimum balance. Perfect for all skin types.

    If you aren’t interested in using two products, pick one that’s appropriate for combination skin. The Water Sleeping Mask by Laniege is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. It also works on dry, dull skin.

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    An overnight hydrating mask. It draws in serious moisture, leaving skin looking plumped and glow-y. This ice-blue gel is as thick as pudding with a faint rose scent, but it melts quickly into skin.

  5. Blot When It’s Hot

    You shouldn’t allow oil production to run rampant during the sweltering summer months. A shinier T-zone might be inevitable, but you can still control it with oil-blotting papers throughout the day.

    These Mattifying Blotting Papers by Boscia include nourishing ingredients, and come in a slim, purse-friendly case.

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    Green Tea Extract is an antioxidant that soothes as it protects the skin against the abuse of the elements. Say hello to shine-free skin with purse-friendly blotting linens designed to soothe skin, absorb excess oil, and mattify complexion without budging makeup.
  6. Eliminate Dandruff

    If you’re treating your combination skin, you shouldn’t neglect your scalp. Besides being unsightly, dandruff can cause greasy hair-which isn’t good for your face.

    This Purifying Shampoo for Oily or Flaky Scalp by Davines suits all hair types. It minimizes flakes and moisturizes to reduce itching.

    Davines Naturaltech PURIFYING Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Protection While Gently Cleansing And Clarifying, 8.45 fl. oz. Davines Naturaltech PURIFYING Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Protection While Gently... @ Amazon

    For dandruff or severely imbalanced scalps. Clarifying and detoxifying, purifying shampoo fights microbial attacks and dandruff to establish a healthy environment for hair growth.

  7. Address Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Combination skin with seborrheic dermatitis will require your dermatologist’s input, as you may need an anti-yeast or anti-fungal agent. If you see yellowish or white scales on your face, you may want to book an appointment.

6 Common Symptoms of Combination Skin

The majority of people have a combination skin type. Despite that, it can be tricky to identify-it isn’t as clear-cut when your skin behaves two ways at once.

  1. Oily T-Zone, Dry Everywhere Else

    The so-called T-zone is your forehead, nose, and chin-it’s typically oilier than anywhere else on your face.

    However, if the rest of your skin looks normal or parched while your T-zone is glistening, you probably have combination skin.

  2. Larger Pores in Oily Areas

    Noticeably enlarged pores are a trademark characteristic of excess sebum (oil) production. You might notice a marked contrast between pore size on your T-zone versus your cheeks.

  3. Trouble Moisturizing

    Moisturizers that aren’t specifically formulated for combination skin can set you back on your quest to achieve a balanced complexion.

    Ultra-hydrating or normal formulas will soothe your dry cheeks, but overwhelm your T-zone. On the opposite end of the spectrum, oil-reducing moisturizers won’t suffice for the areas prone to dryness.

  4. Breakouts with Dry Patches

    Combination skin breakouts won’t be uniform. Naturally, oily skin is more susceptible-whereas the dry areas will be less affected or not impacted at all.

  5. Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, a type of skin condition that can affect the face, usually go hand-in-hand. If you deal with dandruff and your T-zone is both shiny and flaky, you may have SD.

  6. Heat-Provoked Shine

    Higher temperatures will hit oily combination skin hard. You might find your T-zone gets shinier faster during the summer months or produces more oil than usual.

Find Equilibrium

Combination skin can be frustratingly persnickety and demanding to manage.

Still, there are approaches that can help clear up oily patches and soothe dry ones to normalize your complexion.

Treat your skin with combination-appropriate products and solve any underlying conditions with your dermatologist, such as facial dandruff.



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