LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

The sleeping mask is one of the top products from Laneige, and is something that’ll give you fully hydrated skin after your beauty sleep. First of all I should tell you it’s not really a “mask” as you would imagine it. The texture is a very light gel.  The mask in the name likely indicates how deeply nourishing it is and I also interpreted it to mean using more than just a thin layer on my face to give it a “masking” effect.

As someone who strives to be a beautiful office lady, it’s a little difficult to avoid the daily pollution, dust, UV light and computer radiation. All of these can be the root cause to many skin problems. Are your pores getting bigger? Uneven skin tone? Or is your face getting dry and sensitive? This sleeping mask can help with a lot of these problems. It gives your skin a chance to recover at night time, to try to solve all of these different skin problems. It is hydration to the rescue, locking in moisture, nutrition, and soothes skin that has been exposed to the sun.

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Your skin regenerates and absorbs everything the best at night time.  So it’s also the best timing to give and supplement your skin with the moisture and nutrients that it needs.

On the nights I use this, I don’t even do other masks anymore. After I put this on, then I go straight to bed. I don’t need to wash anything off, or wait.  And the next morning I wake up with very tender and smooth skin. Once again, the texture is a super light blue gel cream. Therefore, the skin soaks it up really quickly.

With naturally extracted plant ingredients, this mask is very gentle and mild and perfect for all skin types. Non-comedogenic, so even for those friends with sensitive skin. SLEEP-TOX™ technology purifies skin during sleep, giving it a dewy, healthy complexion.

It can brighten while hydrating, lets your skin absorb the moisture it needs while you’re sleeping so your skin can restore to its young-looking, plump condition.

It also has a special apricot fruit extract from the Hunza area which is good for removing impurities, restoring weak skin, and reducing skin exhaustion. It’s also great for minimizing pores, and for giving you tender and smooth skin with increased elasticity.

There’s nothing special about how to use it. Clean your face and use toner and serums/essence as usual.  As you like, you can use it two to three weeks a week and more than that if you’ve got really dry skin. You can you use it for regular moisturization (but not every night), or as an emergency hydration rescue. I also find it’s easier to put on make up the next morning after using it.

As a tip I have also used it on days (not necessarily at night time) where I had a lot of sun exposure, instead of using aloe vera. I found that the mask also does a very good job of soothing my skin. If you can plan ahead (and it’s summer time), put this in the fridge before hand and you will be in for a nice treat!!!

This sleeping mask is perfect for the lazy me.

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