MISSHA – Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx

MISSHA’s best selling essence has been upgraded. The same fermented ingredients you know and love, just got better.

Long time ago I remember seeing an advertisement saying that as long as you take an empty bottle of SK II treatment essence, they will give you a new bottle of MISSHA treatment essence for free! I don’t think this deal is around any more but I will tell you what I think about the new MISSHA Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, which gets compared to SK-II’s treatment essence all the time.

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👆👆I think MISSHA’s old formulation of the essence contained 80% of the yeast extract vs SK-II at 90%. But now it has a new formulation that contains 95% of the upgraded cica enzyme fermentation. A new double fermentation method is used, which helps to increase the absorption of water and enhance the brightness of the skin, as well as effectively finishing the skin texture and keratin.

This fermentation essence is known to help promote moisture in the skin, maintain skin moisture and elasticity, maintain balanced skin and contain wrinkle resistant and whitening properties.

It has a clear and watery texture, feels slightly moisturizing and is not greasy. It gets absorbed by the face well. It also has the same smell of fermented water; perhaps not as strong as SK-II’s.

This essence has quite a few benefits: skin soothing and calming, reducing wrinkles, anti-aging, building resilience, pore cleaning, reducing texture, whitening and lightening spots, improving uneven skin color, sebum secretion control, regulating water and oil balance, regulating skin regeneration, and replenishing moisture.

“RX” version which has the dual fermentation process can effectively provide quick absorption of moisture into the skin. This allows the skin to maintain moisture for a longer time, and to restore skin elasticity. Nicotinamide brightens and clarifies, while adenosine energizes the skin.

The product describes its texture as light. Compared with the Estee Lauder Nutritious Super-Pomegranate that I just finished, I think MISSHA’s may not be as moisturizing. 😱😱 But then it’s definitely not as greasy or thick as the Estee Lauder either.  And for some people that may be more important.

The MISSHA Time Revolution treatment essence does feel good. And I like it ❤️ Even if it’s not moisturizing enough, I still like how it can improve skin texture and strengthen the skin barrier.

Compared to SKII treatment essence:

The SK-II treatment essence can be used even for oily skin. It does a very good job of eliminating redness and swelling really quickly, making it a very good skincare emergency product.  Over time it can also lighten acne marks. But remember it does not moisturize.

At this price point, many people consider the MISSHA treatment essence the more affordable replacement for the SK-II treatment essence and it is for good reasons.

MISSHA treatment essence

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  1. Those who want to moisturize their dry skin
  2. People with sensitive skin
  3. People who want extra moisturization underneath makeup

What it is:

  • A mist with fermented yeast solution that brings moisture and shine back to the skin base
  • Wrinkle improvement & whitening two-fold functional cosmetics
  • Skin safety tested Contains fermented yeast solution for changing skin condition
  • Instant moisture filling Wrinkle improvement & whitening 2-fold functional mist

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