Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 50ml

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Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Restores oil and moisture balance of skin and improves on wrinkles. Delivers moisture and increases elasticity. Take an appropriate amount and gently apply from inside to outside along the skin texture.

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WHOO Bichup Self Generating Anti Aging Essence Special Set

[WHOO] Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence Special Set Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 50ml Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence ...

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Emmett Magarey
Dec 12, 2020
Rating :

Application and moisturization:
I like the feel of applying this product. What surprised me was there’s absolutely no greasy feeling. And I never reacted or even purged when I started using it.

Anti-aging and protection:
The skin is really getting better. My skin is getting smoother. I feel it nuturing it from the inside out. Ha ha ha ha

Because it is a Korean skincare product and its ingredients, there is a light ginseng smell. I think it is not that strong and should be ok for most people. But if you can’t stand any smell or hate ginseng smell, then this is not for you.

Price: I find it really ok. I don’t apply that much each time so this lasts me a long time and i think it’s totally worth it.

Packaging: beautiful beautfiul packaging.

Conclusion: I will repurchase for sure.

Sep 4, 2020
Rating :

I think it’s more worth it in the winter months. You skin will feel firmer right away. I want to use the essence but it’s pretty expensive.

Sep 4, 2020
Rating :

Best night cream and during cold Canadian winter days, I’ll use it before stepping out. Keeps my skin extremely hydrated all day.

Winnie Banuelos
Sep 11, 2020
Rating :

The same series of facial mask is also very good, self generating facial mask!
The fragrance is also very good. It’s easy to fall asleep at night

I feel the dryness and moisture in my skin has improved. Both dry skin and oily skin work well.
It’s not oily, it’s firm. Good for resilience!

Winona Ferguson
Sep 17, 2020
Rating :

I don’t buy it because of the price, but my mother always used it so when she would keep replensihing it at home.
This best selling self generated essence is not quite right for me.
The product probably does good stuff but my skin is very good to start with, so I am pretty hydrated.
This product is a little dry, so I haven’t used it past several times.
Compared with this series, other lines in the brand may be more right for me.
The product itself is very good, and there will be no skin problems. It’s still satisfying for me, so I’m happy One

Maya Glaspie
Sep 17, 2020
Rating :

It’s good for moisturizing and it feels very different when you apply and spread it. It’s a little sticky. I feel so hydrated in the morning. It’s very good

Betty Mcdowell
Sep 30, 2020
Rating :

Other than the price this is truly a good product. I feel my skin improving from the inside out. It firms and tightens to no degree. Really good and worth the money.

Teresa Hyland
Sep 30, 2020
Rating :

Out of all the highly recommended anti-aging products out there, this one has a good sense of moisturizing.
The fragrance is very good. The texture has a sticky, elastic feel, and it is very good. When I wake up after sleeping, my skin really gets better. I feel like i don’t even need to put on cream after this in the summer months.

Oct 1, 2020
Rating :

It’s also good for sensitive skin. It feels different in the morning

Oct 11, 2020
Rating :

I don’t know if it’s highly concentrated or what, but the Korean fragrance smell is pretty strong!
But the fragrance disappeared quickly after you spread. The content is like a yellow mucus – sticky!
You can feel immediate moisture when you apply it. Although it’s not cream, it’s still very moisturizing.

Oct 11, 2020
Rating :

Although it is a very expensive product, but the essence is worth its price!!
Texture is intersting, sticky when you apply it on the face but the skin becomes really smooth!!
The original 90ml limited edition didn’t last me very long (I guess i liked it so much and applied a lot).
There’s no need to apply this with the cream from the same line. Both are quite heavy. I would use the cream from the other collections.

Oct 24, 2020
Rating :

I stole this from my mom. It’s very thick and sticky.
I think this would be wonderful for all dry skin. Your skin will improve in elasticity. It may be a bit heavy for the summer.

Alexandra Eyre
Oct 27, 2020
Rating :

I started using it under the advice of a friend. The skin feels very moisturized after.
It’s really nice I can feel it fully absorbed into the skin.
Will continue to use and keep buying.

Oct 28, 2020
Rating :

Pros: anti aging products good after 30 years old.
When I am a dry and stressed, my skin feels very smooth after using this. And it’s not a temporary fix.
It has good moisturizing power, and the it really does wonder for your elasticity.
Also recommended as a gift for moms.
What I feel when I apply it every day, is total improvement in the elasticity of my skin. If I am good and persist, I see visible improvement in skin’s elasticity and firmness. Recommended.
The only cons – price.
Dry skin satisfaction grade: A+

Kelsey Ferrier
Nov 4, 2020
Rating :

Why is the product so popular? It’s all in its ingredients. I find that you can use it throughout the year regardless of which season. It does a wonderful job of keeping your mositure in your skin.
Whenever I need an extra boost because I slept badly or I have been traveling, then I can really feel this gives me back the elasticity in my face.

Dec 10, 2020
Rating :

I got this as a gift. It’s a product with such a high price tag I would not have bought it myself.
After using it for 2 months, my skin becomes realy soft and smooth. I feel healthy from inside the skin out.
Personally, I think the fragrance is a little bit bad, but on the whole, I am very satisfied.

Gabriela De Beuzeville
Dec 30, 2020
Rating :

I started using it when i found it in mom’s makeup drawer.
Then it was a bit painful when I had to pay for it when i decided to buy it myself.
It’s sticky (feels like it is building up elasticity). One pump is enough.
I don’t think it does magic overnight. It’s more of a product that makes you feel like you’re going to get better psychologically.
However, the price is expensive.

Angie Brough
Jan 3, 2021
Rating :

Sticky texture. I feel my skin is firming up nicely.
Skin is also getting softer. But I don’t know if it does any brightening.

Mae Kang
Jan 6, 2021
Rating :

It’s good barrier, and it’s also good for moisturizing.
If you have dry skin, then this will help moisturize.
I think it’s a good way to manage your skin consistently with anti-aging essences.
This has good absorption and no irritation. Overall happy, even at this price!!!

Jan 7, 2021
Rating :

When you feel your skin needs extra hydration or oil, this product can really help.
Although it has a strong fragrance, it’s not that bad. I have no problem using it.
If you apply it at night, your face still feels hydrated when you get up in the morning.
The price is very expensive, but I will still use in the winter.

Although some say the ingredients are not very good, I have no problem with sensitive skin.
My skin feels smooth and soft. It’s very good. If this essence is used together with BB cream, it’s a perfect match

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