Mechnikovs Probiotics Formula Renewing Serum 50ml

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Brand from South Korea: HOLIKA HOLIKA. Benefits: Mechnikov’s skin care line is inspired by the father of Lactobacillus therapy Mechnikov, helps strengthen skin layers and skin s barrier with fermented formula. A serum helps improves skin texture with Bifida Ferment Filtrate and creates healthy glow on skin appearance with naturally-derived oil formula. Blended with Quattro Biome and free from ten controversial ingredients to improve skin s condition and turn your skin with resilience. Formulated with pH 5.5 value to turn skin to healthy content and protect skin from external stimulus. How to use: Apply a moderate amount on face and dab for better absorption.

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MUSISZ je poznać!! HITY już od 7,99zł !!! PROMOCJE w Moje HITY do cery DOJRZAŁEJ

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