Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner

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We believe in multi-use skincare—and the TonlyMoly Wonder CERAMIDE Mochi (previously MOCCHI) Toner is the perfect example. This 5-in-1 multi-toner was formulated with ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and Asiatic pennywort extract to give the skin a variety of benefits.

This hypoallergenic, alcohol-free toner is formulated with ingredients that are all EWG green rated. It’s perfect for all skin types and will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated immediately. The nourishing ceramides work to penetrate deep into the skin for longer-lasting hydration and more transformative results.

It reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier so you can achieve smooth, bouncy, mocchi-like skin!

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Product Description

Formulated with nourishing ceramides work to penetrate deep into the skin for longer-lasting hydration and more transformative results. Vitamin B and Hyaluronic Acid provides an additional burst of hydration, so skin looks stronger and healthier with each use. How to use? – Our Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner can be used in multiple ways depending on the type of skin concerns you have!

For normal skin: After cleansing skin, soak a cotton pad with toner and sweep over face to remove remaining toxins and impurities from skin.

Gently pat remaining toner until fully absorbed. Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For dry, dehydrated skin: Following the 7 Skin method, apply toner with clean, bare hands. Gently pat into the skin until fully absorbed. Repeat 7 times. Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For very dry or combination skin: Soak several cotton pads with toner. Place soaked cotton pads around face like a sheet mask or apply pads to specific areas of the face that feel dry (i.e. cheeks, forehead, nose, etc.) Remover pads after 10 mins. Gently pat remaining toner until fully absorbed. Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For all-day hydration: Dispense the toner into a clean, empty mist bottle. Spray toner as mist throughout the day as needed for continued hydration.

Additional information

Local Name

토니모리 원더 세라마이드 모찌 토너

Key Ingredients

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Leona Sae
Sep 11, 2020
Rating :

It’s the best! You can use it with a cotton pad as a wipe, or you can apply it alone. I think it’s great I don’t have to watch how much I use each time because it’s such a large bottle. It feels like a toner, so I thought it would be heavy at first, but it absorbs well in the skin. Before you go to bed, you can use cotton pads as a toner mask, tap them to absorb, and the next morning when you wash your face, you get nice soft skin. It may be my personal opinion, but I think my skin got better the next morning after I use this product. I’m really going to buy it again next time! I strongly recommend it to those who are looking for a toner.

Nov 25, 2020
Rating :

The toner is a bomb. The size is worth the money. The texture of this toner is smooth yet lightweight, it feels moisturizing as soon as it reaches your skin. Will purchase no doubt again.

Nov 26, 2020
Rating :

Use a cotton pad to wipe your face with a layer or two to absorb it. If you finish it with lotion/moisture cream, it will make your skin relly hydrated. It’s good because it’s not sticky. It doesn’t absorb fast, but if you take the time let it soak in, it’s worth it!
On days when I need more moisturizing, then I put a cream over this.

Tiffani Geake
Dec 12, 2020
Rating :

It’s a moisturizing toner with no artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, animal ingredients, PEG surfactants. All it has is good ceramide for your skin!

I figure it’s somewhere between water and lotion.
It applies easily and very moisturizing, but toner usually dries up easily as soon as you apply it.

I was worried about the scent because there was no artificial flavor. What i found was a gentle and fresh lemon scent.

Large bottle for a really good price. You can put it on a cotton pad and use it as a moisturizing mask – I take it off after 10 minutes. You can use it as a cleansing toner that spreads and absorbs well.

The container is too big though. And you have to twist the lid open, so it’s a bit heavy and cumbersome. I guess i got used to it.

Alison Nicholas
Jan 11, 2021
Rating :

This is a product that I want to give 10 stars if i could. It’s a large bottle, so the whole family can use it in the winter. The ingredients are mild, and most of all, it is very rich without being greasy. It’s an amazing product that can be toner or essence. I use it everyday. It’s a toner that’s perfect for both dry and oily skin. It’s the best!

Juli Tomczak
Oct 2, 2020
Rating :

It’s a great toner. ?? It’s a toner I use all the time. It’s really sticky and fits my skin well. It’s a good price. ?? If you started using this, you can’t get out of it. You can use it as a face mask or toner. If you put it on before makeup, it will stay put.

Angie Brough
Oct 4, 2020
Rating :

It doesn’t flow like water and has a moderate amount of oil, which I like. After I put this on, my skin troubles definitely decreased and it feels like the moisture lasts for a long time, so I bought four bottles and used them all.^^

Rennie Piper
Jan 15, 2021
Rating :

It has a slightly refreshing scent, so I feel really good when I use it. It’s not complete watery, and it’s not gluey, it’s halfway there! I don’t like using cotton pads, so I just put it on my hands and apply this. It’s more moisturizing than the toner I used before. My skin is softer! I’m totally happy. The price is cheap and you get a lot of product.

Feb 14, 2021
Rating :

It smells amazing, like sweet, new limes. Nice price, it makes my skin smooth and comfortable. It’s kind and ever too wonderful. Love this and sound like I’ve actually got my toner!

trish Blundell
Feb 18, 2021
Rating :

•It’s even good for sensitive skin. These days, the daily exfoliating wipes can really destroy your kin. You need to be careful with sensitive skin that may have compromised like mine. But this product doesn’t exfoliate, so that’s good.
• It’s light, it’s moisturizing
• Good price.

• Can smell tangerines that remind me of Innisfree products
• Thick. If you are looking for a watery toner you should go for Dokdo toner.

Jonelle Stanton
Oct 20, 2020
Rating :

I bought it because people said it was good, but it was really bad for me. I don’t know about sticky skin, but it doesn’t absorb well, so my makeup wouldn’t go on after. After I used this, I got acne, fortunately they went away not too long after.

Nov 15, 2020
Rating :

Smells like lemon? It’s a very refreshing scent. It looks like it doesn’t smell. The bottle is large. it’s cheap, it’s moisturizing and it’s really good!!! Anyway, it’s so popular I’ve heard a lot about this before buying it. I haven’t used it before. It’s really nice. I think I can recommend this product to people around me. The product is good, but the amount you get is lots.

Leonaie Schlunke
Nov 15, 2020
Rating :

This is good. Ceramides are used widely because they work well for lots of people and skin types. It’s moisturizing and has a lot in the bottle, so I layer it on several times. The packaging says you can also use it as a wipe

Marjorie Dyring
Dec 1, 2020
Rating :

It’s a toner that’s good to use. It’s cheap and there’s a lot of it. So I’m using a lot of toner masks and wipes. The ingredients are good and overall, it’s an awesome toner!

Emmett Magarey
Dec 9, 2020
Rating :

7-skin rules? I bought this to try that out. It was ok and great bang for buck.
However, I didn’t feel that it improved my skin texture or dryness. I think it’s just a basic product.
I really recommend it to those who values the price factor.

Lyn Speegle
Dec 16, 2020
Rating :

A citrus with a light scent. Huge quantity. Quick absorption
It’s hydrating. It’s moist because it has ceramide.

Alice Dunbabin
Dec 23, 2020
Rating :

I’ve been using this product for years. I got a recommendation and tried it, and it didn’t disappoint me. It has mild ingredients, so it doesn’t cause any skin trouble, and it’s as moisturizing as a toner. It’s almost creamy once it’s been absorbed.
After applying cream on top of that, you will get the glow.^^
But you don’t get skin trouble because it’s not too oily. I will continue to use it.

Teresa Hyland
Jan 15, 2021
Rating :

It’s a very sticky product! But what’s unfortunate is that it doesn’t keep your skin dry.?? I think it’ll be a little disappointing for dry ingredients! But it’s a good product to use after winter! It’s really good to put on a cotton pad and put on a skin pack!
And lemon scent? It smells like mosquito repellent, but it’s good when you put it on.

Lucille Leroy
Jan 18, 2021
Rating :

Price is really good, so I feel good when I am using up lots of it to wipe off your skin frequently at home. No irritation, no skin trouble. It’s just a large volume toner that’s easy to use.

Dollie Fallon
Jan 20, 2021
Rating :

This is the best cream toner. It’s good for moisturizing because it’s suitable for normal or oily skinl. Not sticky at all!

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