The most elegant & heavy-duty sunscreen yet!

If you frequent any Asian Beauty subs you know you’ve heard of this sunscreen! The Kanebo – ALLIE Extra UV Gel Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ is touted as a holy grail for many in the sunscreen community. But is it worth the $25-$35 dollars it retails for?


Water-proof! It will stay put when swimming and won’t wash off without some serious effort. It creates almost a film-like barrier that you can feel on your skin when you first put it on but disappears after a few minutes of wear and I suspect this film is what makes it so good at protecting you from the elements.

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Sweat-proof! I actually put on this sunscreen when hiking. It’s pretty sweat-proof though I wouldn’t be able to tell you for how long since I always reapply after 2 hours.

Resistant to friction! You know the feeling when you just put on your sunscreen and now you have to take off your t-shirt or put on a hat and your sunscreen comes off when it touches your face? No more! As long as the sunscreen is dry, it won’t come off!


If you have deep skin of color, you should consider skipping this. I wear foundation shade MUFE Y405, for reference and the white cast is visible on me.

You have to double cleanse really well in order to take off the sunscreen before bed. This sunscreen is a workhorse and not easily broken down. If you have skin that will be easily irritated by too much cleansing, or haven’t found the right cleansing products for you, consider skipping this sunscreen.

When rubbing in, you must work quickly and in thin layers. Additionally, you have to let the layers dry completely between applications. The friction-proof qualities of this product make it so that if you accidentally let a big glop dry it will dry thick and white and will be difficult to spread out.

Make-up can be difficult to spread on top, depending on the formula. For example, my wax RCMA foundation is easy to apply on top of this. But my sticky cream blush is not and will apply streakily.

💰💰💰. At $30ish for 40g you are not getting a lot of bang for your buck.


If you have a deep skin tone, definitely don’t get this unless you are willing to put up with the white cast. And honestly, as excellent as it is, I would really only recommend it for outdoor activities or when you need something heavy-duty due to the steep price point.

UV Filters

Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Tinosorb S, Uvinul T 150

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