JM Solution – Water Luminous Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask

JM solution avocado oil masks (10 sheets) ✨✨ Avocado oil + essence  – a perfect combination to form a highly effective mask.

On one hand, it’s packed with naturally derived plant extracts for anti-aging and hydration. It strengthens skin barrier and improves skin elasticity. 😍😍 On the other hand, super-food avocado essential oil and moringa oleifera seed essential oil can help resist pollution, nourish and moisture for totally hydrated skin 😘😘💫

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These masks reduce redness and wrinkles; has plumping, softening, brightening effects.  It blurs pores as well as even out skin tone.  Last but not least, it can give you radiant and luminous skin.

This mask is different from other masks. To start, the essence comes separately from the mask.  Second, since you are mixing the oil ampoule and essence just before using it, it can effectively deliver fresh nutrition and moisture like no other masks.  With the oil emulsification, the masks deeply nourish every inch of skin ~

This mask requires an extra step before putting on your face.  You have to fold over the bottom oil pouch and push up until it pops.  Squeeze the oil ampoule into the upper part of the mask.  I help the oil ampoule emulsify by rubbing it gently in a circular motion. You can see this through the clear packaging.

After that you can apply the mask normally. The smell of avocado is very good, and I always apply any extra essential oil + essence to my arms and legs – remember to massage it in.

I feel that my face and body are very smooth and tender after each time. It’s not exactly the same but reminds me enough of a professional essential oil spa in a beauty salon.

The sheet is very soft and thin, and hugs relatively well to the face.  The mask doesn’t come with a backing, but adheres ok to the curves on the face.  If I don’t move around too much then it doesn’t feel like dropping off.  I usually keep the mask on for around 20 to 30 minutes.  The mask does not dry up in this timeframe and I pat the remaining essence in.

The JM solution avocado oil masks are packed with the antixodiants that everyone needs.  I can literally feel a protective layer on my face after using it.  I would definitely be repurchasing this mask. I also recommend this for all skin types except for oily skin.


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