How To: Spot Fake v. Real My Beauty Diary Face Masks

My Beauty Diary – First Try

A few months ago, my aunt gave me a box of face masks to try. At first, I didn’t even know what brand they were, because everything was written in Chinese, and I only knew about 5 characters on the whole box. Then I came across a review on someone’s blog, and noticed my masks were very similar – they turned out to be from a popular Taiwanese brand, My Beauty Diary.

I was really excited to try them out, but it was a good thing I did my research before I tried them, because it turned out my box of My Beauty Diary masks was fake! I don’t mean to offend anyone, but being Chinese, I know for a fact that we like to counterfeit fakes a lot. Just take a look at the handbag dealers on Canal St. in Chinatown, or all the fake Benefit and MAC cosmetics sold by eBay sellers, most of whom are from Hong Kong.

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Your skin is sensitive and needs to be taken care of; be careful and only buy skincare and makeup products from reputable stores/sellers. I bought my Rice Peptides masks from for a little less than $12/box.

Here are some tips to help you determine if your masks are the real deal.

My Beauty Diary Masks – Things to Check

The Box:

The first thing that I noticed on my masks was the fuzzy, pixelated picture of the strawberries and yogurt on my box. That was what started my suspicions – because what company would put such a badly blown up picture on their box?

I threw out the plastic wrap already, but my real masks from Sasa had plastic shrinkwrap around the box, with a sticker on the plastic wrap. The fake masks had no outer plastic wrapping, and the sticker is on the actual box.

I can’t read too much Chinese, but my friend Jenn read the back of the box and noticed that it sounded very “commercial” and the sentences utilized a lot of exclamation points, touting how good the masks are for your skin. However, the description on the real masks was much more informative and scientific; it explained the benefits of the ingredients and how it helps your skin.

Also, pay attention to the manufacture date and product code on the back of the box. Notice how the print on the fake masks is pixelated and large, whereas the print on the real masks is smaller and clearer.

The Packets

Each mask is individually packaged, and there should be some embossed lettering on the bottom right-hand corner on the front. If you run your finger over the area, you should be able to feel the upraised letters.

The manufacture/expiration dates on the back of the individual mask should be engrained into the actual packaging. Notice how the ink just “sits” on top of the plastic for the fake masks, whereas the ink is set deeply into the packaging on the real masks.

The pre-cut slits on the top of the individual packets should all align when placed next to one another. Notice how the size and placement of the slits vary for the fake masks. The packets should also be neatly sealed and crimped on all 3 sides.

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The Actual Masks

The size and shape of the masks differ greatly, as seen below. Authentic masks should be somewhat oval-shaped. (Update: Real masks measure 10 inches horizontally and 8 inches vertically at the widest points) Notice how the fake mask is shorter from the head to the chin area and is football-shaped.

The essence of the masks should cling to the mask; little to no liquid should be left in the packaging when you take the mask out. When I opened one of the fake masks, the mask was dripping liquid everywhere.

The real My Beauty Diary masks I bought aren’t the same flavor as the fakes, so I can’t say for sure how reliable this may be, but the scent of the real masks was pretty mild. The scent of the fake ones, however, was very strong and noticeable.

Hope this post helps all of you! And always be careful and inspect everything you buy online, especially if the seller/store seems a bit shady 🙂

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It’s safer to head over to Amazon to buy My Beauty Diary masks.  If there’s any problem with the products you can always go back to Amazon after.


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