Which is better? Two eye cream has same key ingredient

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex V.S. LANCOME ADVANCED GENIFIQUE YEUX

ESTEE LAUDER and LANCOME are my favorite brands, and I have used their eye cream for so many years. I enthusiastically recommend these eye creams since they are moist enough, and they have a strong effect on the anti-aging of the eyes. After reading their ingredient list carefully, I find an amazing thing that these two products have the same key ingredient which is collectively called “extract from BIFIDA FERMENT FILTRATE”. This kind of core ingredient is good at repairing the skin and preserving the moisture of the skin. I love this ingredient so much since I can see the skin around my eyes look younger, renewed, and recharged after using these eye creams. Even if I stay up late the night before, my skin would still be moist and healthy the next morning.

Although these two products are similar in key ingredients, I prefer ESTEE LAUDER. From the aspect of scent, ESTEE LAUDER one has no obvious fragrance while LANCOME has a scent of fruity which troubles me a lot. The texture of them is both cream and ESTEE LAUDER is thicker than LANCOME. As for the price and effectiveness, I believe there is no significant difference. Usually, I would use LANCOME in the morning and ESTEE LAUDER in the evening since I hate to go to bed with a strange scent. If I have to choose one between these two products, then ESTEE LAUDER would definitely be my first choice.

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ESTEE LAUDER – Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery
LANCOME – Advanced Genifique Eye Cream



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