Exfoliation is a Quick Way to Reveal More Beautiful Skin

The removal of old, dry, and dead skin cells to reveal an instant glow makes more sense if we first understand the structure and function of the skin.

Skin is our body’s largest organ and the skin carries out a number of functions to maintain your health, including controlling the body temperature, keeping bacteria and viruses out, and relaying information to the brain about the environment you’re in.

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The epidermis is the outermost layer, and it’s the one that gives the world its first impression of you. This layer is comprised of millions and millions of tough protein cells forming an outer shield. Every day, cells die as younger living ones rise to the surface from a lower part of the epidermis. If you rub your body surface sufficiently, these dead cells fall off.

Dry and dull skin is actually often the result of dead surface cells.  What you want to use is moisturizers with exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy (AHA). These exfoliants will help with the process. These moisturizers also help to smooth out discoloration from too much sun exposure—and are particularly useful for aging skin that is slower to discard dead cells on its own.

Alpha hydroxy is a well-known ingredient in facial moisturizers and works wonders as an after-shower moisturizer to quickly get rid of damaged, dry and flaky skin.  Body lotion containing alpha-hydroxy agents can greatly improve the skin’s condition as well.

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