This Valentine’s limited-edition set went straight to my heart

Do you all agree that as a girl, as long as something is labeled limited-edition, then we’re going to want it all?

Earlier this year, the History of Whoo introduced a limited edition set for “520”. 520 (May 20th) is a date for the Chinese that means Valentine’s (it’s like their 3rd Valentine’s Day every year).

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This collection, to complement Valentine’s theme, is colored like macarons.  The 3 bottles come in lavender/light purple, pink, and light green. It looks so pretty and sweet that I didn’t even want to open the set to use it. I only wanted to keep it as a Whoo collectible. 🎁

Ok let’s talk about the set. The limited-edition 520 collection came with three separate bottles of Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence. All three designs have their own special meaning:

  1. The purple-style butterfly symbolizes longevity and happiness.
  2. The pink design is Treasury, full of riches and wealth.
  3. The green bottle with the peony floral pattern signifies richness and glory.

Whoo-limited-edition-set2This set is not special just because of how it looks.  The products also the star product of the Whoo brand.  I had heard great stuff about their serums before this.  Here I should tell you all a bit about the Bichup Self-Generating  Anti-Aging Essence.

Whoo products are known for using exotic ingredients that are not widely used in most other beauty products. For example, squalane is used to restore the proper balance of skin oils, whereas the extract of caterpillar fungus is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can find velvet extract in products for skin healing, while ginseng root extract is added for anti-aging, toning and clearing properties. Ginger root is also used to help the ability of the skin to regenerate.

This product also has gongchen essence, a really rich ingredient, and uses a special production formula to extract the essence from Cordyceps Sinensis and velvet antler, angelica and ginseng, and other really premium ingredients.  Because of this special process, the essence is able to restore the skin, do skin cellular repair, and rebuild the skin’s strength.  The goal is to healthy and stable condition for your skin over the long-term.

It is usually not easy to find rich beauty products that absorb quickly, and not stay on the surface for a long time. This essence is an exception to that.  The light texture of the essence means that it is not heavy, until you apply it to your skin then you find out differently. It is easily absorbed, feels like a toner but richly moisturizing.  It forms a nice barrier for your skin after it goes on.

To use the essence, I usually pump 3-4 pumps into my hands and warm it up before applying it to the whole face. The texture feels gluey and stringy and spreads really nicely on the face. I’ve been using it for almost a month, I find it does an excellent job of early prevention of aging.

I can see that my skin is much firmer than before and the moisture is excellent.  The product will be really good for anyone between 25-45 years, I feel this is an especially good starter for 30-year-old’s. I think it’s the perfect treatment to condition your skin ~ it’s powerful and effective, and most importantly it’s a limited edition!

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