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Inspired by our Editor’s detailed skincare routine article, I just wanted to share my general view of how to take good care of yourself.

Skin Care

Healthy skin glows itself naturally. Dehydration, sun, pollution, stress and the changes in temperature are the main enemies of your skin. A good beauty skin care regime can correct and reverse some signs and keep your skin in good condition. Having a healthy radiant skin like a celebrity is not complicated.

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The effective skin care only takes a few steps: Cleanse, tone, moisturize and UV protection. Simply twice daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, you will find your skin looks healthy glow.


No beauty regime can be really effective without twice daily facial cleansing and toning. First, remove all dirt and make-up with face cleanser, and then wash your face with lukewarm water to deeply clean the pores. Choose your cleanser according to your skin types. Try a milky, tissue-off cleanser instead of a wash off cleanser if you have sensitive skin.


Use face toner and face lotion straight away after washing your face. Face toner will smoothing your skin and remove the last trace of your makeup.


Apply your day and night cream after using toner. Avoid eye area. Choose the moisturizer which suits your skin type.
– It is recommended to use UV protected day cream during the day. Many daily moisturizers contain an SPF. Using an SPF30 all year round is essential to prevent skin ageing prematurely.
– Change your skin care products according to the seasons. In winter the air contains less moisture than in summer. To protect your skin from drying out, you need a richer moisturizer in cold weather.
– Protect your eyes with eye cream / gel. Fine lines around the eyes are one of the most obvious. Facial moisturizers may not be suitable for the delicate eye area. Use eye cream / gel.

Beauty regime is not a big secret, not complicated. Following these basic steps daily, you will find you skin healthier and more radiant each day.

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