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5 Amazing Moisturizing Mist Sprays for Dry Skin and Oily Skin

5 amazing moisturizing mist sprays for dry skin and oily skinPin

In the dry winter season, you can almost never fully moisturize your face.  Any cream and moisturizer you apply on your skin surface won’t penetrate enough to a deeper layer.

The benefit of mist sprays is that the water is turned into tiny droplets by pressure, not only can it spray uniformly across the face, but it can also penetrate the pores and hit the deeper layers of the skin.

Here are 5 top moisturizing mist sprays that have performed amazingly for dry and oily skin:

    1. Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Ampoule Mist

Green tea spray can quickly bring moisture to dry skin. It contains natural fermented Korean Zhongdongtian green tea. It has strong antioxidant and hydrating effects, and can create healthy and moisturizing skin!

The special design of the pressure head makes it easier to use and easy to press!

Acne and sebum come because of facial oil combined with air pollution as well as inflammation.  This green tea is fermented and pure containing antioxidant in super high concentration that’s many times higher than the general green tea extract.

5 amazing moisturizing mist sprays for dry skin and oily skinPin

Alkali not only keeps the skin from aging and results in wrinkles, but it also has the moisturizing element Glutamic Acid glutamate, which promotes metabolism, cell regeneration, and younger skin by improving metabolism.

The pressure vacuum bottle makes the spray very fine.

After spraying, the skin won’t feel dry, and the deep moisturizing effect will smooth out any line as well.

5 amazing moisturizing mist sprays for dry skin and oily skinPin

    1. Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Ice Toner

The special feature of this product is the semi-solid ice texture, which can help skin massage, cool down, moisturize skin, making skin fresher, and freshen up.  You can also use it after using toner, after blow-drying hair, before applying makeup, and when you feel your pores are starting to become bigger.

The coldness of the spray can quickly cool the skin and calm it down.  It’s perfect for people with acne that usually feel inflamed, oily skin, and have redness on their face.

It sprays tiny little ice cubes, which can cool the skin by 10.4 degrees. Cools your skin down without getting frostbite.

The way to use it on the face is also very simple. After spraying it on a cotton pad, massage it in by drawing circles on your face. The super-micro drops of water will quickly reach the deep layers of the skin!

5 amazing moisturizing mist sprays for dry skin and oily skinPin

The rapid freezing is very cool, and how it shrinks pores is also very obvious! It can greatly control your oil production. In addition to calming the skin, you can also use this spray before makeup and after dry blowing your hair with hot air.

    1. Innisfree Jeju sparkling mineral mist

It comes from the rare hot spring water of Fonshan, and after 30 minutes of use, the moisture content is 7.8 times that of the ordinary pure water skin.

After 800,000 years of accumulation, there are 16 kinds of elements in the hot spring water, which is 535 meters deep underground, and the highest concentrations of carbonic acid are H2CO3, HCO3 and CO32.

The pH of our bodies is usually between 4.5 and 6.5, so high concentrations of carbonic acid can create a favorable metabolic environment for the skin. The area that these mineral spray covers is quite large so everyone is covered.

    1. Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist


Moisturizing and locking water in simultaneously, establishing moisture and hydration for dry skin, preventing flaking skin, and improving how makeup stays on your skin.  This is a 3 in 1 essence spray.

You can almost see the essence of olives in the product! Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, especially unsaturated fatty acids.  It also has vitamins A, D, E, K and F, which are all fat-soluble vitamins easily absorbed by the skin.  Especially vitamin E, which contains 8 mg/100 g of olive oil, has the highest content in all plants!


The mist penetrates into the skin to keep the skin hydrated, and oil forms a protective layer on the skin to lock in the moisture.

And because it’s a spray, it’s not thick and greasy at all on the skin. It also has a refreshing touch!

  1. Innisfree green tea mineral mist


Green tea water from Jeju Island can instantly replenish moisture in the skin. The unique mineral components in green tea form a hydration network and lock in moisture for a long time. It does not cause irritation. The propolis extract contained in the spray can calm any sunburned skin.

Rich amino acids and minerals are important elements to keep skin moisturized!

After this review, maybe you would now want a convenient and efficient moisturizing spray for quick moisturizing. Be sure to replenish the moisture in your skin first and then lock it in.

5 amazing moisturizing mist sprays for dry skin and oily skinPin

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