How to save on shipping when you buy beauty products direct from Korea?

To get our favorite K-beauty products sometimes we have to either pay more locally. Sometimes we may decide to buy directly from Korea because that’s only where we can find the product or the item price is much more attractive in Korea. If you don’t factor in your shipping costs to your equation, then you may realize later you are paying a whole lot more than what you were planning to do. A few dollars per item and can add up really quickly.

Stylekorean ( does a really good job here by separating the product cost vs shipping, making it very transparent for all customers to see what is the final checkout price that they will be paying.
This affects those who does big hauls (yes I am talking about you and me).
Let’s look at a couple examples of how they calculate shipping that will end up saving us money.

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Missha M perfect BB Cream No21. 50ml

Product Quantity Product Price Shipping Fee Total cost
When you buy Missha M perfect Covering BB Cream No.21 50ml at STYLEKOREAN 1 $5.99         + $6.27 = $12.26
2 $11.98       + $8.91 = $20.89
3 $17.97       + $8.91 = $26.88
4 $23.96       + $8.91 = $32.87
5 $29.95     + $12.92 = $42.87

(prices as of 2015)

Innisfree Green tea seed serum 80ml

Product Quantity Product Price Shipping Fee Total cost
When you buyInnisfree Green tea seed serum 80mat STYLEKOREAN 1 $16.45     + $6.27 = $22.72
2 $32.90     + $8.91 = $41.81
3 $49.35     + $8.91 = $58.26
4 $65.80    + $12.92 = $78.72
5 $82.25    + $12.92 = $95.17

The more items you buy and ship together from StyleKorean, the less shipping you will be paying per item.

But before you go place a $500 order, StyleKorean actually wants you to keep your order to under US$300 per order.

And they do offer free shipping over certain order amounts: for example over US$80 for USA, US$100 for Australia, and US$120 for UK.

They also have a 72-hour commitment for shipping out your order. That means even out of stock items they will try to find a way to ship your products within 3 business days.

And for in-stock items you are talking about 24 hours.  This is even better than what Amazon can promise these days. And you know the feeling when you just run out of one of your staples in your beauty routine, or when you have just read out a new item that you want to get your hands ASAP, with this kind of shipping commitment, it’s ok to go with the option to buy directly from Korea regardless of where you are in the world.

To get you started, use this coupon code for 10% off your order!

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