Desire luscious Wavy hair? Use these Five Techniques

Most people, if not everyone, love changing up their look once in a while to get beautiful wavy hair. You can both dress it up or dress it down making it perfect for any kind of occasion.

It looks great and is a desire for many women around the world. For the summers, no hairstyle is more in than luscious wavy hair.

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This article goes into some of the easiest techniques you can use to get luscious wavy hair with little to medium effort. There is something from the everyday stylist to people who don’t want to put in the effort.

Whether you have been inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid or your favorite actress is sporting a wavy look that makes you want a similar one, below are some techniques you can use to get wavy hair easily.

The easiest techniques to get Wavy hair

Several ways and tips are floating around the internet about what techniques you can use to get luscious wavy hair. We’ve gathered some of the most fool-proof and simple to understand techniques that you can use daily.

Some braids and good sleep

Likely one of the easiest techniques to get nice loose beachy waves is to use braids. But what braids? French, Dutch, headband, or some other braid? Do you require expertise in making intricate braids to use this method? That’s the beauty of this method, you don’t need any of the above!

For this technique, the only thing you need is to section out your hair in multiple parts. These sections are then braided into loose or tight plain braids. How tight or lose you keep those braids will determine how your waves turn out. You can also use different kinds of braids for different looks.

An extra step you can take here is spritzing your hair with water and then tying them in braids. After that might be the easiest step, just go to sleep! You’ll wake up to beautiful waves and also no heat damage.


Large Barrel Curling iron

Large barrel curling irons are perfect to create waves, if you are looking for something that will last you throughout the day and even the next. Wrap medium sections of hair on the curling iron. Pull it up and then outwards to create beachy waves.

Using a large barrel curling iron will give you the look for overnight curls without ours spent on it. Lightly spray them down to help them last even longer. If you are worried about heat damage use a heat protectant spray to give it extra protection.


Twist and flat iron it

The curling iron isn’t the only way to get beautiful wavy hair. You can also use a flat iron if you have one. Twist sections of the hair depending on how small or big the wave you want it to be. Then just take your flat iron and iron them top to bottom.

This is an effective way to put waves in your hair. However, like with the curling iron use a heat protectant spray to keep your hair safe from the intense heat.

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Curl in a ponytail

An old YouTube favorite tutorial to get beachy wavy, if you have long or thick hair, is the ponytail curling method. All you have to do is put your hair up in a high ponytail, take a section and wrap them around your curling iron. Hold for a few seconds after in your hand and release. The final look will give you luscious wavy hair that also looks and feels effortless.

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Use a pencil or straw

This can be another heatless method if you have the time or you can just use a flat iron to speed up the process. Some people want long luscious beachy waves while others might prefer the smaller ringlets look.

A simple way to achieve that is by using a pencil if you want flat iron and straws if you’re making heatless waves. For heatless curls wrap small pieces of the hair around the straw and tie the ends with plastic. You might need to wet the hair first and leave it tied for up to four hours.

Simply wrap the hair around the pencil hold it one hand and iron it with the other. You can also use tin foil wrap it around the pencil so you don’t have to hold it and then press the flat iron on the foil.

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These were some of the easiest techniques to use if you want wavy hair! Let us know if you try any of them out!



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