Thoughts on Skincare and Makeup for Over 40

Are you over 40? Don’t worry I am not going to tell if you are, but I am. Now I have skincare issues I have never had before as I am getting a bit older. Understanding I still think age is just a number and being over 40 is a good thing.

Why? Let’s see, for me, my kids have grown up and are almost out of my house. There are some great things about being over 40. I get asked to see my driver’s license when I tell someone I am going to be 46 this year.

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I am going to share some of the things I have done that have made a difference in how my face and body look now. These include having taken good care of my skin, use sunscreen all year round, quitting smoking years ago.  I also do not wear makeup that takes away from my natural beauty, tried to eat right, and lost weight.  These all contributed to me not looking my age.  When you get second looks, and even whistled at you, it’s good to be over 40!

What has being over 40 done for you? Are you living a life mostly caring for children still? Are starting to care for your parents or starting over because your spouse left you for someone younger? Or it could be the other way just to be fair.

Skincare for those of us who may be over 40:


AVYA Skincare Night Vitamin A-Luxury Anti-Aging Overnight Remedy For Deep Hydration, with Retinoid Skin Regeneration. This vitamin A moisturizer contains retinoids that smooth out fine lines by encouraging skin turnover.

Facial Cleanser

Everyone always needs a cleanser that works with their skin, not take away the natural oils, but removes 100% of the face makeup.

Eye Cream

Just a little goes a long way! I have used eye creams that are way more expensive before I found this one, I will never go back to overpaying again.


Now I never would have thought of using a toner because I have dry fussy skin, but this one works great with the facial cleanser to help tone my face and bring back its softness.

Sea Mud Mineral Mask

I love this stuff!! And so does my dry skin. Even over 40 you still can get breakouts and this helps lessen them. I need one that I can use that cleans the pores but doesn’t leave my skin feeling all tight and itchy. This one does its job and I have clean pores and no dry skin. It works for all skin types and a great product to have.

Face Oil

I use the Luna Sleeping Night Oil of Sunday Riley three or four days a week. The solution involves a retinol complex that decreases the presence of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles while at the same time focusing on nix irregular texture, age marks, dryness, and dullness. Retinol is mixed with blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils—both rich in calming blue blueberry—to neutralize any redness or sensitivity.

Makeup tips for over 40

Mineral eye shadows

From sleek to edgy, these silky, richly pigmented, long-lasting, and quickly blended eye shadows will produce every kind of look you want. Use them wet or dry; they are soft and safe for sensitive eyes too.  This works great for our age IF you don’t go all wild with it and use colors that bring out your natural beauty.


I don’t leave the house with at least mascara and blush on. I use the Stila Extreme Mascara and when I have a little extra time I may use fake lashes along with my mascara. You may not know this but wearing mascara opens up your eyes and make you look like you cared enough to put something on. Understanding that everyone is uber busy, you still need to take a little time for yourself.

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I will be back to write more on makeup tips for over 40.

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