Is Innisfree good for those in their 20’s?

The Korean beauty brand Innisfree focuses a lot on how natural the product line is in its advertising. My friend bought their famous green tea skincare set. This is what she shared with me…

First and foremost, in the end, she told me there’s no need to buy a whole set or kit. Since you are in your 20’s, the only thing you need from a skin perspective is moisturizing and protection from the sun. So, choose a moisturizer that doesn’t dry out your face when you apply it.

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Before I dive into 3 out of 4 products included in their green tea skincare set, let’s talk about the brand and the company.

Amore Pacific Group is the largest cosmetics group in Korea. The company was founded in 1945 and has a history of 70 years. The company has these familiar brands:

  • Top skincare brands: Amore Pacific, Sulwhasoo, HERA
  • First-tier skin care brands: LIRIKOS, IOPE, VERITE
  • Second-line skincare brands: Laneige, Mamonde, Innisfree, Teen: Clear
  • Korean herbal medicine skincare brands: Sulwhasoo ,Hanyul
  • Natural skincare brands: primera, Innisfree
  • Makeup brands: HERA, espoir, Etude House
  • Men’s skincare brands: Sulwhasoo, HERA, IOPE, Odyssey, Laneige, Mamonde, innisfree

And the list is not complete.  This gives you an idea of what kind of beauty conglomerate the company is in Korea and how much R&D power it likely has.

Next, let’s look at Innisfree’s philosophy. Its main focus is definitely natural products.  It is a good concept to think the products are pure, pollution-free, and good for our skin; but in terms of ingredients scores (think EWG), many of the ingredients only have passing scores.


Fragrances are a necessary evil a lot of times, but they last a long time. And fragrance is not natural. Most of the fragrances that you can find on the market are unnatural flavors. For example, food and beverage have a variety of scents, like mango, strawberry, apple, mint, milk, and even beef flavoring.  So the wonderful smell of green tea in innisfree products is also just a green tea flavor.

Some people may ask, don’t they use tea tree essential oil? Ahem. The reason is that tea tree essential oil is very strong, and the fragrance is not what most people consider to be good.  And its irritation to the skin is high and most of the time it’s not suitable for direct application on the skin.

Fragrances are highly permeable into the skin and are a potential allergen for the skin. The presence of the fragrance in innisfree’s products is definitely a minus.

Next, let’s look at the user feedback for these products

  1. Innisfree Hydrating Serum – with Green Tea Seed

    innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum: Hydrate, Visibly Soothe and Support the Moisture Barrier innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum: Hydrate, Visibly Soothe and... @ Amazon Amazon Prime

    Concentrated serum delivers hydration with a balanced blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil for sufficiently hydrated skin and a healthy-looking glow.

    The texture is a little thicker than water, absorbed quickly, no burden on the skin, the taste is okay, not as awesome as what the rumour is.  I use it as a toner.

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    suitable for young skin, I use it before essence. It’s absorbed quickly, not quite enough moisture for the fall and winter.

    for a 27-year-old this doesn’t cut it fully. I have mixed skin, in the early fall I think it’s a little sticky, but on the moisturizing side it’s not quite enough.  Also there’s no whitening or other effects. Won’t be rebuying.

    For someone with oily skin like me, it feels good when I apply it, but if I don’t have enough moisture in my moisturizer cream, then my face is really dry.  But the price on this product makes this ok.

    For me with mixed skin, I don’t think it has done much for me.  I will not repurchase

    I have used up two bottles! It really is three seconds hydration! Good absorption, oily skin in the summer still finds it not too greasy! Light green tea flavor, really affordable essence. 

    Good price if you buy in Korea + I think the price is very good + hydration + this essence is to be used before makeup + refreshing good absorption + not sticky

    You actually DON’T have to buy direct from Korea to get a good price on this product. Amazon has it for 30% off on Prime Days for US$18.90 (30% off $27)!

    Summary findings for the Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed:

    1. fast absorption, refreshing, ok moisturizing
    2. green tea flavor (fragrance)
  2. Innisfree Hydrating Cleansing Foam- with Green Tea

    Refreshing and hydrating cleansing foam with Jeju green tea extract while it whisks away dirt and impurities.

    innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser @ Amazon

    This is literally the best face wash I have ever used (For my skin). I know a lot of people has problem with the strong fragrance but I am a fragrance-lover…!! 😀 Totally love the smell. And my face feels so fresh after the wash. The best part is that you just need a tiny portion to wash your face with a heavy foam. It will last longer than other face-wash i believe.

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this product! I’ve heard great things about this brand, and their green tea line in particular, and this definitely did not disappoint! The packaging is simple, cute, and functional, and the product itself is amazing. My favorite thing about it is the smell. Even after I wash it off of my face, the smell lingers, even when I begin applying other products (though at that point it’s faint). I usually use it alone, or as the second step in my double cleansing routine (first with an oil cleanser, then with this), and either way, it leaves my skin feeling thoroughly clean and fresh.

    Pretty good at getting makeup and oil off. Leaves a “squeaky clean” feeling after, which I’m not a fan of,

    This product definitely smells nice, the texture feels nice, but none of that really matters as much as the effect it has on the skin. I have combination, leaning more towards dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I bought this in an attempt to clear up some breakouts I was experiencing on my jawline and chin areas. Unfortunately, this made it worse. My face has been quite reddened and very rough.

    This is my go-to cleanser, it is so gentle and still cleanses very well. The smell is amazing and I love its foamy texture!

    Summary findings for the Cleansing Foam:

    • foams up really well, cleans well, feels a bit drying after
    • good green tea flavor (fragrance)
  3. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

    Soft cream delivers refreshing hydration with a blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil to help replenish skin keeping its moisture level and give it a healthy-looking glow.

    This cream is also 30% off for Prime Days at $16.80 (regular $24)

    innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer , 1.69 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer , 1.69 Fl Oz... @ Amazon

    I used to use this amazing Korean face cream called Belif that is not available at regular price on Amazon and no longer stocked at Sephora. Ever since, I’ve been trying to find something similar and I think I’ve finally found my replacement. This Innisfree cream is very hydrating and keeps hydrated throughout the day. It also is super light and leaves my skin soft to the touch.

    Good product, great for moisturizing. The seller was kind enough to send free samples. The only thing I would want changed is if it came scent free. But other than that I really like it.

    This is a relatively okay moisturizer. It does it’s job and moisturizes the skin. I didn’t like it because it left my face shiny and like I was oily. Also, while the smell isn’t “bad” per say, but it’s very perfume-y and the fragrance was irritating to the drier parts of my skin. Not like break out irritating, but it stings a bit. I’ll use it till it’s gone (at night, cause I don’t want my face looking oily during the day), but I’m not going to repurchase.

    I have dry skin, this was not enough to keep it moisturized. I apply in the am, it feels refreshing and lightweight. Once it absorbs into skin, it gives you a nice healthy glow but I just wanted more.

    Loved this cream. It has a light texture, but good day moisture provider. For night time, during winter dry climate, for me it’s not enough. So I ordered Innisfee Or his cream. I love the smell as well, sooooo nice. For someone who is sensitive to fragrance it might be too much.

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