Are you too young for the History of Whoo?

I am here to debunk a popular myth that the History of Whoo products are only good for older women or our mom’s generation. That is so far from the truth I have to set everyone straight.

Let me walk you through the different collections from the History of Whoo – a very prestigious Korean beauty brand.  I will also review the right products for you whether you are 20-years old or 50, and whether you have oily or dry skin.  I will also quickly highlight the main products in each of the collection so you get the executive summary from right here.

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I have to admit they didn’t make it easy for non-Koreans when they decided to name their different collections.  It also took me a while to figure out the different names as some of them sound somewhat similar.

This is Whoo’s official description:

  • Bichup: the award-winning Bichup range is our classical essence that rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles and improves your complexion.
  • Cheongidan:  A holistic care range that works deep within the skin to fight signs of ageing and leave you with clear, bright skin.
  • Cheonyuldan: a premium and complete anti-aging regeneration line that adds moisture and radiance, providing skin balance to reach its ideal healthy, beautiful state.
  • Gongjinhyang: Our basic skin care range has everything you need to care for and protect your skin.
  • Gongjinhyang:Seol (Radiant Brightening): A whitening range (of course in white bottles) inspired by the luxurious beauty of south sea pearl, created to reveal luminously clear and brighter skin tone.
  • Gonjinhyang Soo (Vital Hydrating)– A hydrating range with oxygenating benefits of purified water. Replenishes hydration and revitalizes your skin.
  • Hwanyu: These miraculous formulations renew and revive using the cosmetic dual forces of Yin & Yang – ‘Gihyeolijeong’. to sense minute changes in your skin as you age and correct them instantly.
  • Jinyulhyang: We’ve used a 5000-year-old royal court formula to nourish the skin with ‘life force resin’, combining red wild ginseng, safflower podium, Kamisoyosan and ‘Jeongiboyuldankwa’.

Common in many of the products is Whoo’s star ingredient Gongjinbidan – a very powerful ingredient made from 6 different and very very prestigious items (deer antler, wild thyme, angelica gigas, cornus officinalis, acanthopanax, aspargus cochinchinensis).  Together, crafted using the right formulas, these ingredients will do these wonderful things for your skin:

  • Improve blood circulation and your immune system
  • Repair, regenerate and rejuvenate
  • Strengthen and sooth your skin
  • Provide lots of antioxidants and get rid of toxins
  • Give you translucent and brightened skin

Clear as mud? Let me begin then.

I will start with the most popular collection (as a set):

Cheongidan (silver bottles)

This collection is really good for anyone being introduced to the History of Whoo brand for the first time. It can be used by anyone of any skin type. And by that I really mean everyone: dry skin, combination, and even sensitive skin. And anyone in any age category will find something in this line that they will like. Therefore, this line is also one of Whoo’s best sellers.

This collection pulls off multiple functions. You will find the collection excellent in hydration and improving your radiance and elasticity. Your face is more plump after using the products and the skin no longer looks dull and lackluster after. It also does a good early preventive job on wrinkles. Those of you with stressed, premature aging skin should use this line.

If all of that sounds good to you, then go for the Cheongidan line as your inauguration of Whoo products.

[adace_shoppable_image attachment=”2596″]

Radiant Cleansing Foam – a beautiful pump bottle cleanser. It foams well and is deeply moisturizing. It complements really well with the Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer which is also rich and deeply hydrating.

Next is the Radiant Regenerating Essence that’s not greasy at all and repairs your skin wonderfully. The Radiant Rejuvenating Eye Cream is rich but not too rich and does wonderful things for tired eyes.

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The Radiant Rejuvenating Cream is pretty thick but super moisturizing. For something lighter during day time, use their Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion.

Gonjinhyang Soo (Vital Hydrating)

Next is the pink “Gonjinhyang Soo” for the 18 to 25 year old range. Young women in this range usually go for this line, it even has the right sweet scent for this age group. You will find these products very gentle and not oily or heavy at all. This line is excellent at moisturizing especially for those with oily, combination or normal skin. If you have acne troubles, or large pores, this line will also be able to help you. Actually let me rephrase that, this is the line for you.

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Vital Hydrating Cleansing Water and the Vital Hydrating Balancer – a lovely pair of cleanser and toner for young women.

The Vital Hydrating Emulsion is super hydrating and nice. Intensive Hydrating Cream is meant to be the night cream but you can probably use it day and night.

A Vital Hydrating Essence and Vital Hydrating Overnight Mask round out this collection.

If you are looking for a bit more in addition to hydration then you may want to look at the other collections. If you have dry skin I also recommend using this line for the summer and move to something else for the winter months.

Gongjinhyang (Gold)

Ladies in the early 20’s to 35 year old range, who need moisturization as well as oil control or balancing, don’t need to look any further than the gold-color Gongjinhyang line. The Gonginhyang collection is also good for its early anti-aging abilities (firmness, elasticity). It’s a middle-of-the-road collection that can help most users. It hydrates deeply, improves elasticity and does some basic firming. It’s best for those with normal or combination skin. The cream is probably too much for oily skin in the summer months.

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This line has a foam cleanser, the In Yang Balancer (toner). Use the Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion as your morning cream; Qi and Jin Cream for your nighttime. The latter is pretty thick but does a wonderful job of moisturizing. Your skin will become more translucent afterwards.

Note-worthy is the Qi and Jin Essence that plumps the skin, lifts and tightens loose skin. This is good stuff to fight your wrinkles and fine lines.

Nok Yong Energy Mask – this one warms up nicely and increases your facial blood circulation.

Qi and Jin Eye Cream smells really nice. Neck and face repair Sleeping Repair Mask – a super nice treat for yourself, smells really nice and your skin will thank you in the morning.

Gongjinhyang:Seol (Radiant Brightening)

By its English name you should be able to tell the line’s main feature is whitening and brightening. It does an excellent job of evening out skin tone, and reducing scars and inhibiting melanin production. It brings out the radiance in your skin. It works for those with dry skin, combination or oily skin. Anyone 18 or above who needs brightening can go for this line.

[adace_shoppable_image attachment=”2591″]

The Radiant White Moisture Cream is the star product in this line. You may think the texture is very thick at first but as you soon as you apply it, it kinda just melts on your skin.

Radiant Brightening Emulsion: feels quite fresh and light. Very good fit for those with oily skin.

Use the Ultimate Brightening Corrector as a spot treatment wherever you really need to combat hyper-pigmentation. This product really works!

And once again this line has its own Brightening Foam Cleanser and Radiant Brightening Balancer, plus a Brightening Peeling Gel for exfoliation.

The biggest difference in this collection compared to all the other brightening/whitening products out there is it does not contain any alcohol. It’s excellent in hydration and can be used during pregnancy.


The collection of red bottles – Jinyulhyang- is perfect for those over 30 years old. If you have dry skin, need deep hydration and needs to get started with your anti-aging and firming regime and keep the wrinkles at bay, then this is the collection for you. It also does a good job on fine wrinkles, and can help with rosacea. Its nutrients and ingredients are higher end than the Gongjinhyang line so it’s better at its anti-aging abilities as well. Its composition is a good match for this age range, especially when women are starting to experience hormonal changes.

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Essential Moisturizing Cleansing Foam is pretty decent and very moisturizing. The Essential Revitalizing Balancer is super rich. This toner is perfect for days when you feel your skin is getting dry. Since the toner is already quite rich, the Intensive Revitalizing Serum may be over the board for some.

The Intensive Revitalizing Cream has a balm like texture and can really protect your face. The Jinyulhyang line can be used by dry skin, combination or sensitive skin type. It radiates but does not brighten. If you find the cream too heavy then I recommend the Essential Revitalizing Emulsion for both day and night instead.


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This is truly Whoo’s signature products. The Soon Hwan Essence a.k.a First Care Moisture Anti Aging Essence Mist. This is the first thing you use after cleansing, even before toner and is very light in texture. It can be used with hydra facial devices/boosters (that’s an interesting topic left for another day). Many have found that it reduces the puffiness you wake up with in the morning as well. The essence effectively gets your skin ready to take in all the good stuff you will apply in the subsequent steps.

The Ja Saeng Essence a.k.a Self Rejuvenating Serum is used after toner as a serum. You can think of it as a serum booster. You apply this before other ampoule or serum. It boasts itself as the all-in-one secret recipe that increases skin moisturization and improves the appearance of wrinkles for smoother and more radiant skin. This is **THE STAR** product in the Whoo family.

Both of these are good for anyone in any age and any skin type. You may find the texture a little bit sticky but it is absolutely not oily. And for this reason, after you put it on you will feel it really serving as a protective layer for your skin.

The line also has the Ja Yoon face cream, which is a popular cream for anyone new to the Whoo brand. A First Care Moisture Rejuvenating Serum rounds out this series.

Many combine these products with products from the other lines, such as the Gongjinhyang or Cheongidan lines.


The Cheonyuldan collection’s selling point is the different anti-oxidants it has and how good of anti-aging and regenerating job they do. The Cheonyuldan line gets compared to the Cheongidan a lot, partially because they may be confused as the same line. The Cheonyuldan collection is an elevated version of the Cheongidan collection. The Cheongidan addresses a broad range of functions while the Cheonyuldan is focused on anti-aging. So this collection is meant for those 30 years or older.

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Mix and match with the Cheongidan line for what you need.

The Ultimate Rejuvenating Balancer is very good and gives off a nice glow. Recommended!

The Ultimate Regenerating Essence should give you radiant, dewy and smooth skin. The Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion is your lighter moisturizer that is still quite rich. For even greater protection at night you can use the Ultimate Regenerating Cream – it is THICK.


Last but not least is the top line of the Whoo brand, the Hwanyu collection. The royal purple luxurious packaging stands out and you can easily tell this is their most prestigious and priciest line. It is meant for those over 40 years old and focuses on anti-aging functions. It can also make an excellent gift for mother’s day or Christmas!

If you have dry or dull skin you will find the Hwanyu line to be your life saver. The line is crafted with over 70 natural ingredients used in oriental medicine. The line only has 4 products but they are all star products. To round out your skincare routine you can supplement products from the other lines, usually the Cheongidan line.

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  • The signature Hwanyu cream goes on super smooth and silky. Thick and balm-like again but it packs so much ingredients and power you can feel it revitalizing your skin. Perfect for those with dry skin.
  • Hwanyu Signature Ampoule – its texture is rich and thick, and feels very moisturizing. Makes your skin feel glowing and gorgeous~~~~ ha ha ha
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Essence – intensive moisturization for your skin – use it at night if you want to wake up with glowing and dewy skin the next morning.
  • Hwahyu Eye Cream – thick and rich, and does a wonderful job of brightening and depuffing tired eyes.

Every single collection in the Whoo brand uses many different rare ingredients. There are a number of collections to choose from and with this guide I hope you will be able to choose the products that are right for you.

What isn’t covered here is the Gongjinhyang: Mi line; A luxurious makeup range inspired by the delicate beauty of past empresses. I personally do not use their makeup products and if you are interested I can try to cover them another day.

Where to shop:

An official flagship store opened near Vancouver, Canada in late 2020. Certain sets are also sold at duty free stores in different cities. But it’s hard to find the History of Whoo products carried in department stores or other official channels outside of Asia. On the other hand, these days everybody shops online from the comfort of their own home anyway.

Amazon carries many of the products I’ve mentioned here and you will get the guarantee and convenience of fast (Prime) shipping that you can expect from Amazon.

For an even wider selection YesStyle carries the entire line of Whoo on their site at great prices.

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