Miracle Aqua Gel Cream Jumbo 100ml

Brand from South Korea: O HUI. Size: 100ml Benefits: O HUI founded Aurora Hyaluronic Acid , by its different spectrum can moisture skin evenly and leave your skin hydrated. Aurora Hyaluronic Acid provides intensive hydrating; Hydrangea extracts soothe skin; Jeju Volcanic Bedrock Water provides mineral nutrients to skin. Enrich moisture to tighten and smoothen your skin. How to use: After the last step of skin care, take a pearl size amount of the cream, follow the skin textures and gently press on the face from the centre.

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Set kem dưỡng kiềm dầu, se khít lỗ chân lông cho da dầu mụn Ohui miracle Aqua

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Korean Beauty Skincare -O HUI-
Miracle Aqua Gel Cream Jumbo 100ml