MISA Geum Sul Night Cream 80ml 80ml

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Brand from South Korea: MISSHA. While you sleep, the Cream helps improve the texture of your skin by giving moisture and tension. After using serum, dispense appropriate amount to apply over your face.

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Обзор Missha Geum Seol ♥ крем для лица, для глаз и бустер

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Nov 5, 2020
Rating :

There were so many reviews that I decided to use it with my mom, but since it’s a thick texture, there’s a limit to how much I can put on.
In the end, I couldn’t finish it within the expiration date and threw it away, but I’m still satisfied.
Will buy again when it goes on sale
I started the Kumseol line with Geeyoon Essence, which I accidentally got a miniature sample as a free gift and it was not heavy for a shot and took makeup well, so I bought the original product and continued to use it, and it erased all the acne marks I had in my 3rd year of high school.
Interested in so many other non-snowline products
Kumseol line is not comparable to the other lines of MISSHA.

Anna Li
Nov 9, 2020
Rating :

I don’t know about wrinkles, whitening, etc. but in this dry season, I use this moisturizing cream when other products aren’t enough to solve my skin problems.
I don’t know if it’s because I don’t usually put it on, but I felt that it was lighter than Kiehl’s moisturizer cream.
I apply it in the morning when I feel my face has gotten rough. I think this one lasts longer than other moisturizing creams that I’ve tried.
The price is expensive but I buy it when it’s on sale. So far I will stick with this.

Jan 1, 2021
Rating :

My middle-aged father and mother use this.
It’s quite good, especially if you buy them on sale.
It’s going to be effective.

Feb 15, 2021
Reply to  ivydiec

You are so nice to your parents!

Sep 10, 2020
Rating :

I used it when the product was first released. It smells like oriental medicine, so I gave it to my mom. Mom doesn’t like the smell.
But they want me to buy it again after they finish it. What? It is so expensive. But it has gold powder in it, and when you apply it, your skin is really soft.? My skin likes it as much as the price

Oct 7, 2020
Rating :

I don’t want to smell.
I don’t want to be offended.

Nov 20, 2020
Rating :

If you put this on before you sleep, your skin will be fine…
It’s really nice… …??
I’ll buy when there’s gift with purchase New Year’s bonus ??

Dec 4, 2020
Rating :

I have extremely dry skin, so I put this on at night during the fall and winter change. Wipe it off with a toner and apply essence.
When I wake up, I get honey skin. It’s expensive, so it’s good to buy it at 1+1 on Black Friday in November. If I buy two, I’ll give one to my mom. It has a lot in a jar, so I think I use one for a year.

Jan 1, 2021
Rating :

It’s a little heavy, but I feel good knowing that my skin will get better all night. It’s full of nutrients.
a clear feeling of improvement on the next day
But the price is…

What do you think?

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