N.M.F Aquaring Hydro Nude Gel Mask Set 10 pcs


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Brand from South Korea: Mediheal. Size: 30ml x 10pcs Benefits: Upgraded N.M.F Aquaring formula with 2 times more moisturizing ingredients. Enriched with N.M.F, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide which boosts dry skin with powerful moisture energy for dewy skin. Helps refine pores and brighten skin for clear, refined skin express with radiance. Highly adhesive patented Hydro Gel Mask Sheet perfectly fits facial curve to promote rapid transfer of active ingredients. How to use: 1. After facial cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner. 2. Remove the films of both upper and bottom parts, then apply to face with embossed side facing to skin. 3. After 10-20mins, remove both parts and gently dap the remaining essence on the face for better absorption.

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