Review: GEO Flower Series Lotus Gray

Hee… Gorgeous, I’m back <3 with an overdue review!!

Product Name: GEO FLOWER SERIES ~ Lotus Gray/Grey

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POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only




B.C.: 8.6mm

DIAMETER: 15.00mm


Description: The Lotus circle lens focuses on a dark rim to enlarge the eye and create more of a “cartoon” character round eye effect. The floral design within the lenses creates a subtle but noticable sparkle to the eye.

Design/Pattern: I was kinda skeptical when I first saw it. Will it look good on me? cuz by seeing the pattern I know it won’t give a natural look, and usually, I look somewhat weird with unnatural pattern, harharhar…like this—>(✪ܫ✪) LOL. But once worn, I’m quite satisfied with the look. And I’m just getting started to love the design when I notice an anime-ish feel on it, lolz. Looking at my first selca, it reminds me to mangaish style irises. Anyhow, the patterns is composed of overlapped lotus petals, anyone noticed it?

Comfort: It’s actually thinner than other GEO lenses I’ve tried so far!(*°∀°)=3 believe me or not, but it’s comfortable enough to be worn for several hours, and I began to change my opinion of GEO lenses (I had bad experience with GEO ck-107 last year). I’m not gonna give 4 though, it’s just better, but not the most comfortable lens 😛

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Enlargement: it does enlarge your eyes for being 15mm circle lens (though, I thougt it was 14.5mm circle lens lolz!) Thanks to its dark rim on the outer edge~!

Color: a subtle gray color, and yes I do agree when they say that it adds sparkles to your eyes. Mostly because of the pattern I assume. I’d prefer it to be a little darker though.

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