Korean Actress Make-up Tutorial

Hello gorgeous, I’m back with another make-up tutorial ~ The theme is INNOCENT and NATURAL LOOK. Inspired by the shimmering eye make-up of pretty Korean actress Kang Min Kyung ^-^ it’s all about SPARKLE and SHIMMER on your eyelids~

Products used:

Catchy Cat liquid eyeliner

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Fairy Drop platinum mascara

Stila Jewel Eyeshadow

It doesn’t have to be Stila though, you can use any eye shadow with shimmers.

1. Put on circle lenses 😀 Okay, before this, you may want to prime your eyelids. This will make the eye shadow looks more vibrant and vivid.

2. Apply the light brown eye shadow evenly across the entire lid to just above the crease.

3. Apply the pink color only in your inner corner and outer corner of the eye. Sweep the brush several times to blend it.

If you open your eyes now, it will look like this~

4. Follow with black liquid eyeliner.

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Be sure to make a thin and neat line, last, add an angel wing at the outer corner of the line.

5.  Put on mascara, and brighten your lower eye area by applying light colored eye shadow. Pearly white + light pink is a great combo!

This is the final look ♥ Nah, this one is an easy eye make-up style so everyone can try it (o→ܫ←o)

By the way, I would suggest you to try ORANGE FEVER shimmering eye shadow from eSpoir. The shimmer is more visible~*:・’゚☆。.:*:・’゚★゚’・:* extra sparkles on your eye. (*°∀°)

Okay, one tutorial down, I’ll see you girls on my next random post. tee he he… Toodledoos!

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