Why is it important to choose the right foundation

The Right Foundation

With so many varieties of foundation on the market today, as well as over fifty shade selections, finding the right foundation can be daunting.

The end goal is to find yourself a makeup foundation that looks like your own skin—just even better looking. But this can be difficult to do as most make-up aisles have less than optimal lighting for swatching and mirrors smaller the compact mirrors that you keep in your purse.

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Plus even if you are lucky to avoid that foundation line on your neck by choosing the perfect color / shade, do you know what options to choose in terms of formula, coverage, finishing, and texture?

Oily skin

You will want to use an oil free or water-based foundation.

Not only does this super matte formula have a wide variety of colors, but it’s full coverage and stays all day long without producing a layer of shine.

Get a silky medium to full coverage finish with this makeup made to reduce the appearance of pores, without your face becoming shiny.

Dry skin

It’s best to use a liquid foundation or rich cream.

It has the smoothest texture and is super easy to blend to give you smooth, almost undetectable coverage. It is a light base that blends smoothly into the skin, offering medium coverage and a silky finish.

Tinted moisturizers serve both skincare/cosmetic needs, which ensures that you get some serious hydration but lighter coverage. This tinted moisturizer gives you a perfect, “no makeup” look.

Women of color

Women of color have yellow pigments, so they should look for foundation with yellow undertones in oil-free formulations. Darker skin reflects more light and is generally more oily.

If you have medium to olive complexions, then Lancome’s TEINT IDOLE ultra 24H foundation is one of the best foundations you can use. Its formula promises to hold your color true all day long by keeping it at a constant pH level using its specially coated pigments. Plus, there are 40+ colors (many of them in this range) in its lineup.

Finding the right shade

Test the foundation just under your jaw line. This will immediately let you know if it will be invisible on the face, The mistake many women make is to test color on your cheeks, which is often darker than the other parts of the face, or worse, on the back of the hand.

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* Moisturize your face and let that get absorbed first. This keeps foundation on top of the skin.
* Stroke it on and blend quickly.
* Set it by dipping a brush into powder and going over the face in circular strokes. Don’t worry about getting every bit of shine off your face. A

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