How to Grow Your Hair Faster: Our Recipe for Long Locks

Whether you want to know the best hair supplements, the right hair growth products, or whether to invest in silk pillowcases, read on.

Growing your hair and minimizing breakages can be a nightmare. Whether you have frizzy hair, curls, or waves, the secret to hair growth rests in keeping your roots healthy, your hair moisturized, and locking in keratin. But how to do this? How to encourage healthy hair growth without having to sacrifice natural shine, styling preferences, and your daily hair go-to’s? Easy! By starting on the inside and working your way out!

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What stops hair growth?

The most significant factor for root damage is your diet. What you eat has a massive effect on your hair’s overall appearance, growth, and health. Keratin and hair take a lot of Vitamin B, healthy fats, protein, zinc, iron, vitamin c, and biotin. To push the hair out, your body sucks up this good stuff from your food and funnels it into productive hair growth and strong, healthy strands.

We recommend these foods for healthy hair roots:

  1. Eggs for protein and biotin. These complex protein strands encourage collagen growth too- so think of this as a doubly beneficial diet choice!
  2. Greek Yoghurt for zinc, essential vitamins, and minerals such
  3. Citrus fruit for vitamin C and collagen production.
  4. Chia seeds for protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

What about breakages?

Hair breakages also dictate hair length and growth. If your hair breaks, then it won’t grow long (obviously)! Damages result in frizz, disrupting hairstyles, and stop hair length from developing. There is nothing worse than dry, brittle ends that flake and break.

Breakages are caused by a lack of moisture, too much heat styling, chemical exposure, your diet, sleeping habits, washing habits, and forgoing proper hair care routines. Phew! It seems almost everything can result in split ends and nasty breakages!

How do we tackle breakages?

First, we need to address the cause!

Lack of Moisture

If your hair feels dry and hay-like, it’s time to ensure they’re getting enough moisture. Try working hair oil and leave-in conditioner through your hair after the washing to give it that added hydration kick. Read on for our favorite hydration products below.

Too much Heat Styling

Hairstyling is a quick and easy day-to-day fix for all kinds of hair problems. For most of us, turning to our hair straightener or a hairdryer is an essential part of our morning routine. However, too much heat styling weakens the hair and leads to breakage and frizz. Fortunately, this has an easy fix. Use a heat protection product (as listed below) and try to switch up your hair routine. Cutting back hot styling, even by once a week, can make a world of difference on your roots, breakages, and hair strength!


The chemicals in ordinary shampoos and conditioners, not to mention hair coloring products, can wreak havoc on your locks! The constant processing, drying, and chemical changes contribute to breakages and ruin hair length. Repeated dying works against the hair growth, fracturing the hair roots and surface and helping frizz and breakages to form. This is especially true for treatments using formaldehyde- such as Brazilian straightening.

If you find that your hair growth has slowed right down after using chemicals, it might be time to restart your hair and let it return to a virgin state. Chemically damaged hair is almost beyond repair. However, salon-grade treatments may be able to help!


As we covered so far, your hair’s strength is determined in the scalp. That means anything you eat, drink, and use internally will affect the production of your hair. Eating the right food and looking after your body is the best and most significant move you can make to ensuring fast hair growth.

Sleeping Habits

You know where this is going. Cotton pillowcases contribute a lot to breakages. The friction between cotton and hair causes snagging breakages and frizz. Why not try a silk pillowcase instead? The Afro-Creole community has used silk wraps for centuries for hair protection, growth, and cultural import. However, more recently, silk pillowcases have been used to protect hair cuticles, promote growth, and keeps natural oils on the entire hair shaft.

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Washing Habits

Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing tips and tricks. Did you know that tying your hair up with a towel, while an automatic instinct, can cause some significant breakage? Yikes! Instead, try swapping your towel out for an old cotton shirt, a silk wrap, or a paper towel. The reduction in friction will do wonders for your hair growth and appearance.

And finally… You need to treat your hair well!

It seems counterintuitive, but getting a hair cut could be the best thing for getting long hair and hair growth. Why? Because split ends break, and they spread. That’s not good! Getting a hair cut cleans up split ends and allows your hair to recover and thrive.

GHD Heat Protect Spray

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This GHD spray provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on damp or dry hair. Containing the unique ghd Heat Protection System, this spray can be layered with other styling products to create the result you desire. Best for protecting against the heat of hairdryers, stylers and irons while leaving hair with a ‘no product’ feel.

Olive Oil

Sale Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil with Rosemary - Growth Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair and Scalp with Jojoba, Olive, Sweet Almond Oils - Silicone and Sulfate Free 1.76 oz Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil with Rosemary - Growth Treatment for Dry Damaged... @ Amazon Amazon Prime

Olive oil is not just great for cooking. This antioxidant-rich pantry staple is the perfect after-wash oil for your hair. Simply run a quarter-sized drop through your hair, focusing on the ends, and boom! Hair moisture and length here we come!

The Wrap Life Head Wrap

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These beautiful and stylish hair wraps are available in a variety of patterns and fabrics. Plus, they are all great for your hair! The silk smooths your hair and stops friction and breakage while you sleep.

A Silk Pillowcase

Fishers Finery 30mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Good Housekeeping Quality Tested (Taupe, Queen) Fishers Finery 30mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Good Housekeeping... @ Amazon Amazon Prime

Silk is right for your skin, hair, and perfect for promoting hair growth and length. A silk pillowcase is a beautiful and worthwhile addition to your bedding drawer. Trust us; your hair will thank you!

Long hair is achievable by anyone with the right treatments and hair routine. So, if you’re wondering how to grow hair faster, follow our handy tips to minimizing breakages and to encourage faster hair growth. You’ll have envious locks in no time! Need more help with hair care?

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