Time Revolution Red Algae Treatment Essence 150ml

Brand from South Korea: MISSHA. Benefits: Time Revolution Red Algae skincare line infused with Irish Moss to offer antioxidant for skin. A treatment essence infused with 100% of fermented Red Algae extracts to present nutrient-rich essence. Helps strengthen skin health and energy to defence external stimulus that attacking our skin. Blended with Irish Moss from Ireland that enriched with minerals and protein to replenish skin condition. Moisturizes skin to turn skin with youthful resilience. Passed Skin Irritation Test and approved antioxidant effect in ORAC Test. How to use: 1. After cleansing, dispense a moderate amount on hands and dab on face to absorb. 2. Or soak on cotton pads to gently wipe the entire face.

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Missha Red Algae Essence // Is it even worth it? Comparisons and review on sensitive skin

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Korean Beauty Skincare -MISSHA-
Time Revolution Red Algae Treatment Essence 150ml