Onestep Facial Essence (Fresh) 110ml


Brand from South Korea: HYGGEE. HYGGEE Onestep Facial Essence (Fresh) is a no-sebum essence for oily and combination skin that works like a humidifier to moisturize and control sebum. An one-step chiffon-gel essence which delivers and retains deep moisture for oily, combination and sensitive skin types, leaving skin hydrated and refreshed. Combines the functions of toner, serum, moisturizer and other skincare products in one essence. Controls excess sebum secretion to leave shine-free skin. How to use: Pump 1-2 times and apply a moderate amount on face.

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All-In-One Hydrating Skincare Routine | HYGGEE | YesStyle Korean Beauty

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Korean Beauty Skincare -HYGGEE-Onestep Facial Essence (Fresh) 110ml
Onestep Facial Essence (Fresh) 110ml