Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair Emulsion 120ml


Brand from South Korea: HOLIKA HOLIKA. Benefits: A nourishing emulsion helps smooth the skin texture and enhances skin radiance. Infused with 99.9% pure 24K Gold to soothe and purify skin to create a radiant complexion. Beluga Caviar with rich Omega 3, minerals and 47 types of Vitamins for deep hydration and nutrients. With Royal Jelly Extract and 8 types of Peptide to promote skin elasticity. Providing wrinkle improvement and whitening effects with the help of Adenosine and Niacinamide. Completed Skin Irritation Test that suitable for sensitive skin to use. How to use: After using ampoule, apply a moderate amount on face and spread along skin texture. Dab for better absorption.

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