Returnage P.D.R.N Cera Mist Essence 50ml

Brand from South Korea: DR.PHAMOR. Benefits: A moisturizing mist delivers intense hydration to the skin and protects the skin from external irritations. Contains Pure Oxygen, P.D.R.N DNA, Ceramide NP, Aquaxyl and MultiEx BSASM that helps form a moisture barrier on the skin and soothe sensitive, irritated skin. Helps strengthen the skin barrier and revitalize the skin. How to use: 1. Turn the bottom cap quickly to inject the Oxygen. 2. After cleansing or before applying makeup, spray evenly on the face from a distance of 20cm. 3. Pat lightly for better absorption.

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Korean Beauty Skincare -DR.PHAMOR-
Returnage P.D.R.N Cera Mist Essence 50ml