Derma Maison Time Wrinkle Derma Toner 250ml

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Brand from South Korea: MEDI-PEEL. Size: 250ml Benefits: Suitable for all skin types, ideal for mature skin. This readily absorbing toner deeply hydrates skin without feeling sticky. It keeps your skin at around 31 C which is believed to be an optimal temperature for healthy skin. Skin-nourishing ingredients such as 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collgen leave skin plump and luminous. Patent Time AQUAXYL ensures skin’s moisture barrier stays intact. How to use: 1. Use after cleansing. 2. Pour a moderate amount of the product onto a cottod pad. 3. Swipe gently over the face and neck.

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Обзор косметики Medi Peel. Как составить правильный уход за лицом из многообразия продуктов?

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