Derma Maison Time Wrinkle Perfect Cream 50g

Brand from South Korea: MEDI-PEEL. Size: 50g Benefits: Suitable for all skin types, ideal for mature skin. This readily-absorbing cream helps combat aging signs such as loose skin and wrinkles. It keeps your skin at around 31 C which is believed to be an optimal temperature for healthy skin. Skin-nourishing ingredients such as 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collgen leave skin plump and nourished. Patent Time AQUAXYL ensures skin’s moisture barrier stays intact. How to use: 1. Use as the last step of your skincare routine. 2. Massage a generous amount of the formula into face, neck and d colletage.

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Α0178-MEDI PEEL Derma Maison Time Wrinkle Perfect Serum 50ml

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Korean Beauty Skincare -MEDI-PEEL-
Derma Maison Time Wrinkle Perfect Cream 50g