Red Rice Essential Skin Softener 150ml

Brand from South Korea: HANYUL. Benefits: A skin softener intensively moisturizes skin and strengthen skin s defensive power from external stimulus with fermented Red Rice. Improves skin moisture content and defines skin texture, tone and elasticity with a healthy glow on appearance. Blended with Twice-fermented Red Rice Extract to keep skin moisturized for 24 hours. 12 times of moisturizing power of rice, moisturizes skin with a thick and condensed essence texture. Free from six controversial ingredients and passed Skin Irritation Test that suitable for sensitive skin. How to use: After using toner, dispense a moderate amount on hands and pat on face to absorb.

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한율 HANYUL 빨간쌀 진액 스킨 로션 ▫️♦️#ASMR

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Korean Beauty Skincare -HANYUL-
Red Rice Essential Skin Softener 150ml