The Ordinary products you SHOULD MIX to boost more Vitamin C

I am going to give you a general idea of what you can mix, and I am also going to share my favorite pairings that I like to use in my skincare routines.

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I want to share with you today that I see results with, and that worked together. I love to incorporate The Ordinary hyaluronic acids 2% + b5. It is a hydration product, so this will give you a lot of hydration and moisture. So if you have dry skin, this is a serum that you want to incorporate into your skincare routine. It can be used in the morning and night, and this can be paired with anything. You can pair this with retinol, and you also can pair this with an acid. I like to add this for extra hydration, especially when I am using those higher-strength products. Still, I especially like to use this in the morning in combination with my Vitamin C.

The Ordinary products you SHOULD MIX them to boost more Vitamin C

The vitamin C that I want to use from The Ordinary is The Ordinary ascorbic acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%. So I do like to use these two products in the same routine in the morning. And if there is a day that I don’t feel like using The Ordinary Vitamin C, and I am using a different brand. I will pair my hyaluronic acids with a different type of vitamin c, which is completely fine. So, I love this pairing, and I love how this makes my skin feel. After using this pairing, I see a lot of brightness in my skin. And I love the way that the Hyaluronic Acids+b5 gives my skin that beautiful glow, so when I am wearing makeup on top, I feel like this serum shines through and gives my skin an elegant dewy, youthful look. And I think that is beautiful in skincare is to have a subtle sheen to your skin. I think it looks healthy. So if you are looking for a good pairing and you want to boost your Vitamin.


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