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I am always looking for good sunscreen that protects my skin. When it comes to products, I don’t have the most sensitive skin but when it comes to the sun it just destroys my skin.  Here’s my review of the Krave – The Beet Shield.


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I can’t go outside for a long period of time without a hat and sunscreen because my skin breaks out in rashes. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what caused it till I started wearing hats everywhere. So of course I then went on a hunt for a sunscreen that could help protect me as well. Literally, more than an hour in the sun with no protection and I’ll have a rash on my nose, chin, and forehead.


One of the most important attributes I was looking for was a sunscreen that was more fluid so I wouldn’t be white cast and makeup could blend in smoothly and I needed it to be hydrating. I mostly found my favorite sunscreens being fluid but not very high in SPF I was using one by Botanics that was mattifying and super hydrating but only SPF 15 (I did love this one it felt so nice on my skin but just wasn’t enough protection for me.)


I thought I’d give it a try. And let me tell you! I’m so glad a did it’s SPF 50! This stuff glides on and my skin drinks it right up! It the last thing you should put on so of course I’ve put on my serums, eye cream, and main moisturizer before putting this on and it still sinks right in.


I’ve used it for three weeks now my pores aren’t clogged and I haven’t gotten any rashes and I go walking once a day and live in Florida so that sun really beats down on us.



✨beetroot extract – has skin enhancing properties like preventing signs of aging, reducing pigmentation and blemishes, and moisturization!

✨allantoin – soothes skin and relieves skin irritation. This is an absolutely wonderful ingredient that brings both moisturizing and soothing relief to sensitive, inflamed skin.

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✨Vitamin C, Resveratrol, EGCG – This powerful tag team of antioxidants is proven to shield skin against external stressors and neutralize free radicals.


I truly feel like it does all of this it’s a shame they can’t advertise as an SPF since what they use isn’t FDA regulated as a sunscreen in the states. But 100% recommended!

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