Hyram Approved🎉🎉Pick The Best Type of Pimple Patch for Your Skin!

You might be confused by Hydrocolloid patches and Micro dart patches, and had a hard time choosing from when acne occurred. Hyram just taught us how to pick the right pimple patch for your skin, and I’ve listed the benefits and reasons underneath.

Hydrocolloid patches:

for medical purposes, and they are originally created for ulcers. Essentially they serve as a protective barrier overtops of a wound to suck out all the nasty fluid from the wound and to help accelerate the healing process. Hydrocolloid patches help to reduce trans epidermal water loss (TEWL: the loss of water that passes from inside a body through the epidermis to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes.) thereby hydrating those areas to accelerate the healing process. They create a barrier between you and the pimple to avoid them to be exposed to pollution, dirt, bacteria, and us touching it.

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Hydrocolloid patches are most beneficial for pimples that really juicy and oily, and some ones that are producing pus so that we need something to really protect the opening on top of the skin ones.

They are best for people who already have pimples that have come to the surface of the skin, that have erupted, that are risking bacteria and dirt exposure.

Product Recommendation:

COSRX – Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch($6):

contains a variety of sizes. Put them on before you go to sleep, and the next morning you will notice the redness and pus have gone down a lot.

Micro-Dart patches: the difference between hydrocolloid patches and micro-dart patches is that micro-dart patches contain the beneficial ingredients that are typically found in acne treatments, which are arranged into micro dark shapes on the surface of the patch to be able to be pressed into the skin and deliver those benefits deeper. It typically makes sure that the acne-treatment serums can go deeper into our skin to prevent pimples from getting worse and for treating those under the skin pimples.

Using them when you experience the pain under the skin breakout or you really want to take care of a pimple fast.

ZITSTICKA – Killa Kit($29):

it contains the ingredients like salicylic acid, which is great for exfoliation, Niacinamide, which will not only control the oil and sebum production in that area but also brightening any scars or dark spots, and tea tree oil.

The primary difference between micro-dart patches and hydrocolloid patches is the price point. Because of the technology and the serum, micro-dart patches tend to be more expensive than a standard high patch.

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Article taken from Cherie to make it available to all. Credit to user: @HyramSaveMySkin

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