Seven Tips to Beautiful Skin

Your skin is a delicate organ and needs to be kept in balance to look good. You need to look after your skin in order to look your best. Here are 7 tips to help you do this.

  1. Consider your skin type:
    a. Oily: if you have oily skin you should be careful to use light makeup and clean your face well before you go to bed.
    b. Dry: try to use a good moisturizer. Dry skin can also be quite sensitive so natural makeup is often the best choice.
    c. Neutral: Neutral skin is good but you may also find you have patches of oily skin around the nose. This can easily be taken care of by cleaning this area well with basic soap and water.

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  3. Your skin tone: choose basic makeup that will compliment your skin tone. If you have a pale complexion you can use warmer colors like brown instead of black mascara and a little brown eyeliner. Pink lipstick and lip gloss will bring some warm color to your lips. Use some light eye shadow to bring out your eyes. Light blusher will add some color to your face. If you are dark-complexioned you can use brighter colors as light ones will not be very effective. You can try using a bronze foundation to set off your skin tone.
  4. The role of vitamin E and diet: diet is very important for a healthy body and skin. “You are what you eat” is very appropriate for your skin. Try to eat a healthy diet with less junk food and refined sugar. Whole grains are better than refined foods and have fewer additives and chemicals in them. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables as these have valuable vitamins and minerals for your skin. They also have vitamin E and antitoxins which are good for your skin.
  5. Water: always drink as much water as you can. Try to replace sodas and sugared juices with water. It will help to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. It will also flush away toxins from the skin and keeps your skin looking clear and fresh.
  6. Anti-wrinkle creams: Be careful when you use these creams as all of them are not what they say they are. The best ones are those using natural ingredients. When you use these types of anti-wrinkle creams you will have fewer reactions and side effects. Read ingredients carefully and always try a patch test when using new products.
  7. Cleansers Moisturizers: You should always wash your face every morning and evening. If soap dries your face you can use a natural face wash or moisturizer after washing. It is important not to use too many chemicals and cleansers on your face. This area of your skin is very delicate and easy to misbalance. A mild soap should be sufficient to keep your face clean. A daily bath or bathing on alternate days will keep your whole body skin clean. If you suffer from dry skin bathing every other day will stop your skin from drying out.
  8. Sunlight: 10 to 15 minutes in the early part of the day will help your skin. If you are going to spend more time outside, especially if you are near the water, always protect your skin with sunscreen. Olive oil works well as a natural sunscreen.

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