Reviewing My Followers Skincare Routines pt. 2

Hey y’all! This post is part 2 of my last post, which was me reviewing my followers’ skincare routines. That post would’ve been too long to do in one post, so here’s part 2! If you haven’t read part 1 I suggest you do, but this will still make sense if you haven’t. Someone messaged me concerned I was assuming pronouns, but I must assure you that I did ask.

Our first routine comes from @matureskinwithErin. She starts off by cleansing with the Murad – Resurgence Renewing Cleanser which is $40 for 6.75 fl oz. This cleanser does have glycerin and a bunch of hydrating oils, but because of 2 ingredients I can’t in good faith support it. First is that it has fragrance, but the more important one is that it has lemon extract. Because lemon is a citrus fruit, it can be up to 5x more irritating in skincare. In general, you want to avoid all citrus extracts and oil.

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Next for a little bit of extra cleansing, she goes in with the BIODERMA – Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water which costs $14.90 for 16.7 fl oz. Because it’s a micellar water, there’s not a lot to say about it other than your getting a great deal.

She then goes in with a Vitamin C serum, but I don’t know which one. I think it is unnecessary because of the next product that also has Vitamin C.

Next, she uses her LED light therapy mask (check out my recent post on these) with the Paula’s Choice – RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum which costs $39 for 1 fl oz. This serum seems pretty good, even though it’s expensive. It has antioxidants including Vitamin E and C, Vitamin C also adds a brightening effect, and it has Ceramides, which help protect the skin from environmental damage such as pollution.

Next, she uses the DHC – Concentrated Eye Cream which is $35 for .7 fl oz. This eye cream seems to be really hydrating which is amazing for @matureskinwithErin’s dry skin! It has a lot of glycerin and squalane, both super hydrating ingredients, plus it has some cucumber extract, which is brightening and soothing.

And finally, she uses the Paula’s Choice – CBD Oil + Retinol which is $54 for 1 fl oz. I do know that CBD oil and Retinol work great together to prevent severe aging, but as CBD oil is a new ingredient, there isn’t a ton of research. (For all about CBD check out my post on it) Not to mention this product also has Squalane! I think it’s a great product overall!

BUT again we need some moisturizer and sunscreen! If y’all need recommendations, I can totally make a post and them!

Our next routine comes from @EZ. She starts off by cleansing with the CeraVe – Hydrating Facial Cleanser which is $14 for 16 fl oz. This a great cleanser for normal to dry skin, and it had both glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Next, she goes in with the Tonymoly – Vital Vita 12 Poresole Ampoule which costs $20 for 1 fl oz. This serum has a super long ingredients list, which is generally not a good thing in serums. Let’s start with the positives: this serum has Niacinamide, glycerin, squalane, lactic acid, Vitamin C, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid.

The issue is that in between these awesome ingredients are tons of essential oils and extracts that can potentially irritate the skin. I went through and counted. There are 7 essential oils, and 12 extracts. If this product doesn’t irritate your skin @EZ, keep using it, but I have to warn people with sensitive skin to stay away.

Now, @EZ also uses 2 other treatments, but she never uses all 3 on the same day, which is an amazing practice to avoid irritation. Yes, your skin can break out from too many ingredients! Now her first alternate treatment is The Ordinary – Niacinamide serum which is $5.90 for 1 fl oz. As you know, this is one of my favorite serums, super simple and efficient.

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Her other alternative treatment is the ordinary The Ordinary – Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% which is $5.80 for 1 fl oz. The main ingredient in this is of course Vitamin C, and it also has a lot of squalane.

So in her post, she mentions that she has to mix this with her moisturizer otherwise it stings her face. I know exactly why. Most products with Vitamin C are formulated with 10-15%. Anything over this can be too much for people with sensitive skin such as @EZ because Vitamin C is very strong. I suggest you stop using this immediately, even mixed with moisturizer, because it’s clear your skin isn’t a fan.

She also has 2 moisturizers that she switches out for. Her normal moisturizer is the CeraVe – Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin which costs $11.99 for 8 fl oz. This a super simple hydrating moisturizer that is great for combination skin like @EZ has.

Her other moisturizer is thee I DEW CARE – Say You Dew Moisturizing Vitamin C Gel + Cream which costs $23 for 1.69 fl oz. This is an interesting 2 in 1 moisturizer that you mix together. However, I hate it. Here are the positives: glycerin, and niacinamide. And the negatives: it has a ton of fragrance and a ton of irritating extracts and oils. One of those being lemon extract, which is awful.

And finally, she ends with a sunscreen with SPF 50 (she doesn’t say which one). She says her sunscreen is greasy, so leave recommendations for her in the comments. I recommend the Supergoop! – Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 and the LA ROCHE-POSAY – Anthelios Dermo-Kids Gentle Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60

So here’s what I’d do @EZ: keep your cleanser, keep your 2 serums because they seem to work for you, ditch the Vitamin C cream, and ditch the I Dew Care moisturizer. Keep the other moisturizer though and hunt for a sunscreen you love.

Alright, y’all that’s all I have for today, but look out for pt. 3 coming sometime next week. Please cheer for this post, comment below your sunscreen recommendations for combination sensitive skin, and follow me for similar content! -Mae



This article was taken from Cherie so that it is available to all, credit to user @herecomesthesunnygrl

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