❤️MY FAVORITE skincare tool Tripollar vx❤️

TRI POLLAR – Stop X Device

This revolutionary face tightening device combines two potent technologies( Radio Frequency and DMA Technology) to create an unrivaled anti-aging device.

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Radio Frequency Heating – The radiofrequency heats the skin, and stimulates the collagen and elastin fiber reproduction. This is a natural process where the body is reacting to the heat energy and self-healing and cell activity is stimulated.

It works to renew and regenerate the skin whilst reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s non-invasive and anti-aging and defines and tones the skin. Also, it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Usually, the result can be seen in 2-3 months.

In order to help the treatment be effective, you must use the Tripollar Stop gel, which is applied before each treatment. The gels make skin smoother for the RF tip to glide on, improves the skin contact with the RF electrodes, and ensures the RF transmission and receiving by the polar electrodes are ideal.

Tripollar Stop is FDA approved to be used by men and women, and on any skin color and tones. it’s pretty safe and convenient to use by yourself. Although it was designed and launched as facial skin firming and wrinkle remover. But actually, it can be used on other body parts as well, I like using it to treat the neck, cleavage, back of the hands, and abdominal skin. In fact, there is no prevention of using the Tripollar anti-aging on any part of the body. The thickening of the collagen layer can be seen as saggy skin smoothed with firmer skin and fewer wrinkles.

Both my mom and I really love it. ❤️


To get started, simply cleanse the treatment area, apply the preparation gel, and apply the device to the skin’s surface. The treatment area should be divided into a number of smaller focus areas, moving the device in very slow, circular motions across the skin’s surface to heat cells to the optimal temperature.



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