🧡 Makeup sits well on top of this eye cream, which also prevents creasing and over-drying

This is hands down the best eye cream EVER 😍

La Mer – the eye balm intense.


🧡 I’ve used this solidly for 3 months now before reviewing because I’m super fussy with eye creams so it takes a lot to make the cut.

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🧡 So when I first got it I thought OMG where is the rest of it because it came in a tiny pot, but the applicator you get with it actually picks up enough product for you to apply it without using too much.

🧡 This is a rich green formula, but it absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t leave a sticky, greasy texture at all.

🧡 On first use, I could see instantly that it plumped lines up. It really hydrated under my eyes. The first month I never used the applicator to see if there was a difference. Once I started using the applicator I really noticed that it reduced puffiness and soothes.

🧡 After a month’s use, I noticed that it had actually improved the lines around my eye area dramatically.

🧡 This product layers well with other products and doesn’t cause pilling.

🧡 My eyes are very sensitive and eye creams can cause them to sting and water but I never had any of these issues.

🧡 Make sits well on top, it prevents creasing or over-drying that can be issues when applying makeup. .

🧡 This is my must-have can’t live without skincare item now 🙌

This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all, credit to user @skinwithkirsti

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