🧡 Murad – Intensive C Radiance Peel, results in a month

Murad – Intensive C Radiance Peel


🧡 I’ve been using this once a week for 3 months now and from the first use, my skin felt so much softer and brighter. I like to do it before bed because it really preps my skin for the following serums and creams.

🧡 It took a month to notice any dramatic changes in pigmentation from sun damage, and I also found that my pores looked more refined, obviously, pores don’t change size they only appear smaller because they’re clean. I also noticed that fine lines around my eyes had reduced.

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🧡 You only need to apply a thin layer for it to be effective so 1 pump covers the face and 2 pumps include the neck and chest as well, so this product will last a long time.

🧡 It’s quite a thin consistency cream which makes it easy to spread evenly and thinly over the face.

🧡 When I first started using this I felt it tingling as it worked but as the time went on I no longer feel that since my skin has adjusted to it.

🧡 I use the City Skin Overnight Detox and tested that out a month on its own then from the 2nd incorporated this, I noticed a difference in how much brighter my skin became using them both together.

🧡 This is one of the best peel masks I’ve ever tried.


This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all, credit to user @skinwithkir

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