Nighttime Routine!

Here’s my current nighttime routine! I’m currently in the process of bringing some new products into my skincare routine and it seems like I’m liking everything but I want to give my honest opinion on what I’m currently using!

cocokind – Facial cleansing oil

This was kindly gifted to me from cocokind and I’ve tried it a handful of times! It definitely works well to remove my makeup and I really like it. However the smell is a little bit overpowering, and sometimes the pump gets a bit stuck. Other than that it’s a great oil based cleanser!

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YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE – Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

I absolutely love this cleanser!! I switch between this one and the simple foaming cleanser. This cleanser is perfect because it’s not stripping, but my face still feels super clean afterwards. I love the texture and the scent of this cleanser and hopefully I’ll purchase the full size when I run out! Does anyone know of any alternative for this, it’s quite expensive lol.

cocokind – Glow Essence

This was also gifted to me by cocokind and I really like this product! It’s a light mist that makes my skin glow instantly, and gets rid of any tightness that may come after washing my face! It’s a great product and I love that it’s all natural!

The Ordinary – Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

This is the end of my third bottle of this acid! Quite literally a lifesaver!! In August of last year I reached out to The Ordinary and asked them for product recommendations for dullness, some light scarring, and super light acne! This serum is amazing for brightening up scars and giving more glowiness to my skin in general! When first bringing it into my routine my skin purged a little bit but it cleared up within 2 weeks and was definitely worth it!

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The Ordinary – 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

This is my 3rd bottle of this oil, and I really like it but it can be just a tad too heavy on my skin even though I only use it at night. I still think that it’s a great product and will continue to use it!

The Ordinary – Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

I’ve tried this moisturizer a lot honestly, but I’m never impressed by it. The consistency isn’t creamy enough for my liking and I don’t feel like it really locks in my products at the end of my routine. I’m hoping to find another moisturizer that feels less tight afterwards and really leaves my skin soft and supple!

cocokind – Full brow balm

This was gifted to me by cocokind, and I’m honestly obsessed!! This brow balm smells like fresh coconut, and holds my brows in place for pre-makeup application, and at night it helps stimulate growth. I’ve only been using it for a week, so I haven’t noticed any growth in my brows but I’m obsessed!! I really love this product.

I hope you all recommend me some products and I’ll do the same!



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