Niacid by Slurp

Niacid is truly a unique product that I have enjoyed using and it is marketed as a “post-acne scar and indentation distillate”. It is by Slurp which is a new Korean Beauty lab that has more recently come on the market.

It features snail secretions, vitamin B3, and hyaluronic acid but one of the stars in this product we haven’t seen in a while is tranexamic acid.

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Tranexamic acid is something that has been used in medicine for a long time to help stop bleeding so it helps reduce redness, which along with vitamin B3 help the melanin in the skin to disperse so your skin has a more even color.

The snail secretions work to stimulate the development of new skin which helps reduce scarring and indentations.

Finally, the HA adds the final touches with a nice dose of moisture. The product is also unique in that anything with vitamin B3 needs to be progressively increased until you achieve the full dose because your skin has to up regulate its ability to absorb vitamin B3.

So for this serum, it is recommended that you start with 4-6 drops on the face for about 2 weeks then move to about half of a dropper for 2 weeks, then move to a full dropper over the whole face until the bottle is finished. I used the product in that fashion and it lasted about 3 months.

The consistency is very thin and watery and as soon as it penetrates, your skin gains a slight glow and nice smoothness. For $45 plus shipping, this product is not the most cost-effective but it is definitely worth checking out. I have experienced some really great results from this product and I recommend it.

This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all, credit to user @TheRadianceExpert

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