My experience with Lancome Visionnaire products

Today, I’m going to write about a few Lancome Visionnaire products. Let’s get started with the serum. First of all, many of you would know but in case you don’t know what a serum is, it is a concentrated treatment for the face. It literally fixes your skin, so if you want your skin to have a glow and be healthy, you want to use it.  This is true for any serum from every other brand.  Your skin is repaired by a serum.

The serum – Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum – was the first product in this line I bought when it came out years ago. I guess I’ve been using it for over 3 years now. But again and again, too. But in either case, this serum smoothes the surface of the skin. It corrects the texture of the skin, balances it, minimizes pores, and removes fine lines and wrinkles. I use the serum in the morning and in the evening, and after 2 weeks I recall seeing a change in my face. The biggest change after those 2 weeks I saw it gave my skin like a soft-focus, a soft blur that works like a filter or a Photoshop.

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I strongly recommend the serum.

Next, we come to moisturizer – Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream.  Basically, the moisturizer has all the benefits of the serum, but it gives you moisture, so the moisturizer isn’t as strong in doing the skin repair, it’s more about skin hydration.  When you use the serum than a moisturizer to seal it in, your result will be super fast super instant, and it’ll be very long-lasting.

Last but not least, there’s a relatively newer member of this line – Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector – a gel solution, but in an oil?!? I didn’t break out when I used this, which is really good. At first, I was afraid to try it because it’s an oil, and I was afraid my skin might break out, but that’s not the case. I am very pleased with the outcome and very happy with it.

By the way, the Lancome Visionnaire line smells very sweet, I love the scent. I’ve always wished there was a perfume that is exactly this smell.

I hope you’ve found my review of Lancome Visionnaire products useful. In the comments below, let me know if you used any of them and if it works for you.

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