I think we found a Fenty Gloss Bomb alternative 🙊

Maybelline – Lifter Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid

I am so pleasantly surprised with this lip gloss so far. It feels VERY close to the Fenty gloss bombs, which are also fantastic. Alternatives can feel kind of weird when they are this close. I mean, this one has super similar formulas, smells and even the big doefoot applicator. But at least it makes products like this more affordable and therefore accessible…right?

For this review I am specifically comparing Fenty’s gloss bomb in FU$$Y and the Lifter gloss in Moon.

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The good:

  • This formula is just so glossy and juicy on the lips. I love the way my lips look and feel once this applies – it’s like your lips, but just a bit more glossy, a tint of colour and tint bit of sparkle. Plus it like smooths over any of the lines you may have on your lips. It’s like my lips, but better 😂
  • It’s not sticky and it’s not too wet-looking.
  • Like the Gloss Bomb, it has a slight shimmer, but it’s not glittery and not too overpowering. Easily could work for an everyday look.
  • The colour is very close to FU$$Y in terms of shade, pigment, and shimmer. I will say that Moon is a tiny bit more.. peachy compared, but it’s still very similar. I’ve added a swatch test so you can see 🙂
  • This is so important to me. This gloss doesn’t dry out my lips! It’s comfortable and I would even say I find it fairly hydrating. I wouldn’t replace a lip balm with this per se but I love how after wearing I don’t need to worry about chapped lips.
  • It has a very similar applicator to the Fenty version. They both have the large doefoot applicator which makes it so quick and easy to apply.
  • This bad boy is just under $10 which is not bad compared to $18-25 for Fenty’s Gloss Bomb.
  • There’s actually more colours to pick from for the Maybelline version.

The not so good:

  • The Gloss Bomb has just a tiny bit more pigment in my opinion. Not a huge deal.
  • These are beautiful, but like most glosses they don’t last hours and hours. I think on average these wear well on me for up to two hours. So plan to reapply. I do also find that this formula is just a tiny bit more fluid/ moveable compared to Fenty’s.

Worth it?

I 100% think this is worth giving a go if you like the Fenty Gloss Bombs and need to save some coin. Love the effect, love the price, love the colours. 👍🏼

Will I repurchase?

After trying this gloss out in Moon, I actually went back and got it in another colour, Ice, which I have been absolutely loving (possibly even more than this shade). So technically.. I already have?!



This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all, credit to user @Glossy.glossary

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