Jinyulhyang and my Red Wild Ginseng “Whoo” skincare routine

Hi, I’m going to share my morning skincare routine with you. I actually had an allergic reaction on my face a couple of months ago. It probably lasted about half a year. So these days I am extra careful with picking what products to go on my face.

I decided to use the History of Whoo skincare because I’ve heard great things about their products and how gentle they are. They’re really holistic, and I don’t know, it’s just something about them, that every time I use them, I feel very spiritual. And then I still feel like royalty, because, of course, this brand is targeted to the luxury market and all that. That’s why I enjoy this skincare brand so much.
It’s my favorite Korean skincare company.

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Let’s begin with the energy mask (The History of Whoo Energy Mask). I just love this mask, and I love it as soon as you put it on your face, it heats up and it just feels so good. It brings fresh life to the skin. It adds radiance and warmth back to the skin, it’s just unbelievable. I’m just doing circular motions on my face and adding on a very generous amount.  I’ve discovered that the more you apply, at least to me, the better it is. The mask always penetrates deep inside, and when I feel like I’ve applied enough, I usually lie down for about 10 minutes or so and then wash it off.

After that, my face looks so much better. Washing it off is really simple; you just take some lukewarm water and then you just wipe your face to remove the product.

The next product in my skincare routine is the First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence. And I know there’s always a product you put on in Korean skincare, that usually has “first care” in its name. So this is that product.

It helps improve blood supply and prepares the skin for later treatments. So it’s like an essence or a toner, except it’s something that you apply before the essence and the toner.  It’s like an additional boost.

So it comes in a pump bottle and is super easy to use. I just use one pump because a little bit always goes a long way.

In Korean skincare, how a Korean beauty trainer taught me, is to put the product into your palm, rub it in your hands to warm it up, then pat it onto your face. After following her I think my skin is now much more able to incorporate products into my skin. I know that a lot of people may have other ways to do their skincare.

Only one pump and I just sort of pat it on the skin, on the eyelid as well, and then just keep padding until it’s all in the skin, because it’s absorbed immediately.

After that, I prefer to use eye cream. So the skincare line I’m going to use this time is the red wild ginseng line –Red Wild Ginseng Essential Revitalizing Eye Cream. I went with this collection because I just want my skin to be more radiant and hydrated, and the red ginseng line really builds radiance. It brings deep, deep hydration, which literally plumps the skin. The collection is recommended for someone who’s 40+ and for those who are really dehydrated, or someone who needs the extra anti-aging plumping effect.

I know my skin is oily, so I’m just going to do it anyway. With eye cream, what I like to do, is to take my pinkie, and then I just dab it on. So this eye cream is really good for reducing puffiness. It’s perfect for dark circles; it tends to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles too. And it helps to lift the excess skin around the eye line. If you have some sagging in the eye region you should use it. So it’s really hydrating, and it really helps with the dark circles below the eyes.

Now, let’s move on to the next stage in my skincare routine. I’m going to use the Red Wild Ginseng Essential Revitalizing Balancer. This can now be considered to be an essence or toner in American skincare terminology. And generally, as you know we use something like a cotton pad, to apply it.

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But again, in Korean skincare, for the balancer they prefer to place it in the palms. Once you got your hands warmed up, and then pat it on the skin. That’s how I started applying this product now.

This is really hydrating, and it really brings the moisture back to the skin surface. The balancer adds radiance and adds moisture to the skin.

I’m going to use the ampule after the balancer, Hwanyu Signature Ampoule, and this is their most expensive piece, I guess. It is absolutely divine. My face will instantly become plumper, and all of a sudden sparkling.

It’s absolutely wonderful. If you have the money, I certainly recommend it to you. I normally just use one pump of this one, and it will go a long way. And all you do is pat it on your skin, and then let it do its magic.

I just feel so good, and it smells so good. I do enjoy it so much.

On the next item in my routine, I will use the Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence. It’s Korea’s best-selling anti-aging item for six straight years, and I’m sure I can see why. I love this stuff
a lot. It also helps me to plump my face, it helps me to bring the radiance back on my skin. Sometimes I’ve had small wrinkles in the center of my forehead. I can’t tell you for sure, but I think the essence helped get rid of them.

The formula encourages skin fixing itself, helps your skin regenerate over time, and makes sure that it is healthy. And it’s safe. The packaging is also stunning and elegant, by the way. I’m just using one pump again. So I rub the essence in my hands to warm it up and press it on the face. And it is  so amazing doing it. Wow, I love that feeling.

Next up is the face cream.  I’m going to use the Red Wild Ginseng Essential Revitalizing Cream to seal everything in. This face cream has ginseng, too. It revitalizes and wakes up your skin, as I have already said. It also has strong moisture on the skin, so if you’ve got really dry skin, I highly suggest the red ginseng line from the History of Whoo. Rub it in your hands, and then pat it. Don’t forget about the neck area, shoulder, and neckline.

The Red Wild Ginseng Facial Oil, next, is a key part of the routine.  You press on the top, and then pops up the oil and the big dropper. Then you just drop a couple of drops then rub them in my palm. And then you put it on your forehead. It feels very good, too.

I need to hydrate my lips to wrap this all up. The History of Whoo Luxury Lip Essence is one of their golden lip gloss, which just brings a slight shimmer to my lips.

So this is my daytime skincare routine, I hope you guys enjoy it.

I have a tip for you based on my own experience.  Often Korean brands have very good discount offers, particularly if you buy their stuff in a set.  I’ve often bought many things when they came in a set at a significant discount that allowed me to try things that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

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